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Originally published in the mid 90s, the first 5 issues of the series have been completely revisited with updated artwork, story treatments, and fantastic new full color covers.

Naked Justice, Incubus, Ghostboy, Numa, Catnip, Jetstream, Diablo and Jeanne Darque make up this team of superheroes sworn to protect the world and its population from any threat. But our heroes sometimes lose track of their original mission, and focus completely on their own internal problems and personal demons.

Though the series does not focus solely around sex, the pages are dripping with sex appeal, and when the sex hits the pages, they literally burn! These heroes are hung and hot in their spandex undies. Fighting crime has never looked so damn good!

The origin story you don’t want to miss! Jeanne Darque invites a very hesitant Naked Justice to join her team of powerful superheroes, the Guardians of the Cube. In a desperate attempt to give NJ an idea of how important their team is, she unveils the secret beginnings of the Guardians, the true power of the Cube, and the evil criminals who want to control it.

Her story begins with an alien invasion which ended in the complete destruction of our planet and explains the mystery of why we are unaware of these events! Darque then shares the current struggles that Ghostboy, Diablo, Numa and Brains are facing. They need his help to keep Macgavin’s evil gang of The Schoolgirl, Daddy Longlegs and Spinner from getting their hands on the Cube!

Things really heat up in this volume as the story moves to The One Eyed Snake, which is Diablo’s own strip club! Diablo gives a thrilling performance while Darque and Ghostboy work undercover in an attempt to win over the support of Pascale Dimorné and the entire Gateway City Police Department.

Later on, a crazed serial killer is tracked down and brought to justice with Catnip leading the charge. She is loosely held back by her team from going over the edge! However the consequences of their intervention let loose a transfer of energy from the Cube which mutates Diablo into something completely unrecognizable!

Ghost Boy and Naked Justice get it on by the pool in the hottest sex scene between these two Boytoons to date! One of the original Guardians is killed and a new one is created to take his place. Meanwhile Catnip must try to keep a possessed Diablo from destroying her and her teammates, Darque is forced to battle the evil Henchmen alone. Will the vile MacGavin at last usurp the Cube from its appointed Guardian and use it to destroy all of creation?

Ghostboy fans, this is the one for you! While Incubus, Jeanne Darque and Naked Justice continue to share in the history of the Guardians of the Cube, Ghostboy is left alone to face his greatest challenge yet?(Beyond his Mother!)

What happens in these 24 pages will change him and the rest of the Guardians forever. Will this be the end of GHOSTBOY? Only one way to find out!

PLUS: Jon Dazy has his way with Diablo in one of the raunchiest sex scenes ever to appear in the series. NOT TO BE MISSED!

A Gaggle of Ghosts! It has been 3 months since the disappearance of Ghostboy, and after a stringent search, his fellow Guardians have given him up for dead. But was their resignation premature? Has our Ghostly hero indeed expired, or is there some sinister explanation behind his apparent demise?

Jeanne Darque's origin is revealed in a twist that will leave fans completely floored. And while Naked Justice mourns the passing of his lover, the plot thickens beyond belief as a special guest villain makes a shocking appearance.

**Also included:
-A Touch of Fear
-Men of Cube
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