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"Über-Pig [The Danny Fox Collection]" is packed to the brim with Fox's big Serbian/German cock, tight, smooth hole and hyper-sexual deviance. This Hardcore Director's Cut features scenes from "Raw Fuck Club", "Fisting Underground III", "Junkyard Cumholes" & "Gaytanamo", "Shockwave 1" & "Passio". This is a must have for those Danny Fox fan's. This cumpilation is cumpletely filled with some of the German stud best work. From gang bangs, hard core fuck scenes, fisting, and role play scenes, this movie will keep your cock rock hard all night. Watch as Danny and his hot friends have the time of their lives fucking, sucking, and fisting all night.

Scene 1 (from Raw Fuck Club)

Über-hottie, Danny Fox, wastes no time with foreplay. As he and Yves got right at it, sucking, kissing, and licking each other's muscular sexy bodies, teasing each other until they can't control themselves anymore. Yves sucks on Danny's rock hard thick meat getting it ready with spit to shove up his eager ass. Danny teases Yves before he fucks him by shoving his cock further and further down Yves hungry throat. When he thinks Yves has had enough, he pounds his raw cock into his boy"s greedy ass making him take him deeper and deeper with each thrust until he shoots his creamy load all over Yves manhole.

Scene 2 (from Fisting Underground III)

This hot fisting group scene is filled with some of today's hottest actors. Danny Fox, along with Violator, Demetrius, Adam Faust, Aaron King, Tommy Rawlins, Tim Kruger, and Lee Heyford, are all taking turns fisting one another. Covered in grease, these boys are able to shove their fists up one another's greedy asses given the ultimate fuck. The fisted bottoms then line up side by side as their tops shove their fists and arms up each bottom's hungry ass. As if they were cumpeting with each other, each guy tries to shove his arm further into his boy's ass, proving they are the best bottom.

Scene 3 (from Gaytanamo)

How do you repay someone who's just saved you? Danny Fox can think of a few ways to show his appreciate after Latin stud Sebastian Cruz rescues him. Sebastian, tenderly nurses Danny's bruised body, but quickly realizes that his mouth and ass are perfectly fine and can use a good workout. Danny takes his cock like it's the only medicine to save him. Danny strokes his huge meat as he swallows every inch of Sebastian's dick. Knowing he deserves more than just a blowjob, Danny offers his ass in a sign of appreciation to Sebastian. As he gladly submits his muscular bubble butt, both guys have the time of their lives as they fuck until they explode shooting their loads.

Scene 4 (from Junkyard Cum Holes)

Enjoying a hot summer day by the pool tanning their muscular bodies, Danny Fox and Christian Hezzog take particular interest in rubbing oil all over each other making sure not to miss a single spot. Their bulging hardons are no cumpetition for their skimpy speedos. Danny sucks on Christian's thick cock as his greased ass gets fingered. As the guys take turns sucking each other, Christian is excited to show off his rock hard ass and feeds his hole to Danny. Danny shoves his raw dick into Christians' ass drilling him for a bit until they decide to switch positions. The hot sun, oiled muscular bodies, and raunchy raw sex is enough to make both guys climax shooting tons of cum all over each other.

Scene 5 (from Shockwave 1)

For those you know and love hot fisting action, this is a must see scene. These German studs know how to get down and dirty. Matthias Von Fistenberg, who can take almost anything up his amazing hole, and Danny Fox are out to push each other's limits to the max. Matthias, who has a huge butt plug in his trained ass, starts off by sucking Danny's dick, worshipping for its beauty. It doesn't take long before Matthias wants to real thing and switches the butt plug for Danny's hard raw dick. Danny slides his meat into the waiting hole pumping in and out making Matthias's dick drool with precum down his prince albert. Wanting to push Matthias to his limits, Danny takes out a bag of toys and begins stretching his ass. When they've run out of toys, Danny takes his fist and slides it into the depths of Matthias.

Scene 6 (from Passio)

As Adam Faust goes to see Danny Fox to help give him guidance, Danny's holy piss begins to fall on Adam's face. Adam, torn between his lust and his faith begins to flog him. This only excites both men and Adam falls to his knees begging for forgiveness and sucks Danny's hard meat. He finally unties Danny and quickly submits his ass to be taking. Danny fucks him long and hard, making him repent for all of his sins. Adam lies there taking his punishment as Danny covers his ass in his pure white cum.

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