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(badmasterboys) Allotment Action Part 2

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Heiko, Marc, Rex and Domi are a long way from being finished with Dossler. The four lads work themselves up into a frenzy. As the minutes go by, they get more and more fun out of tormenting and humiliating their victim. The allotment guy has to put up with extreme cruelty and degradation. Dossler gets down to the ground in the veranda in his small garden. Again and again, he has to swallow his tormentor's thick snot. Heiko's slime is particularly nasty. The young Master really hawks up his snot. Heiko calls the thick snot he feeds to his victim 'Godzilla snot'. And things get even worse. Heiko swallows some beer, gurgles it, spits it out and makes Dossler lick up the nasty mixture of beer and snot from the floor, together with snot from the other lads. Showing nothing less than brutality, Mark forces a fag end into the allotment guy's mouth. 'Swallow it down!' The loser has to eat more ash, grass and dirt - and it goes without saying that he has to eat the dirt which is lying in wait between his tormentors' toes. All four lads' socks also turn into a special' treat' for Dossler To round things off, the lads stand with their legs akimbo as they tower above the allotment guy and shower him down with their piss. Their target of choice is his face. You've been warned! This clip - classified under the heading 'dirty' - contains the most extreme kinds of humiliations.

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