B C Productions - Once Upon a Time in New York 2

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Once Upon a Time in New York 2
distributor B.C. Productions
Chocolate Cream released 2006 length 90
category General Hardcore
studio B.C. Productions
rating out of 4 ***
produced ?
location U.S.
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director Marvin Jones
producer Marvin Jones
Duke (bcp)
King (bcp)
Mask 2
Maximus (black)
Pinky (black)
source: promotional material
When in Rome you do as the Romans do, but when you're in New York you do what these boyz want. Cum check out these New Yorkers suckin' and fuckin' whenever and wherever the spirit hits them!
scenes /
loops /
source: Gay Erotic Video Index
1. Venom OgAb, Maximus (black) OrAt
On a blue-covered bed with green-striped pillows and beige pillows, up against a narrow white shelf with a black clock and a row of perfume bottles, next to a white wall with 2 reddish-brown drapes, Venom (dark, mustache and goatee, left black wristwatch, ear studs) visits Maximus (light brown, clean shaven, brown do-rag with cape, big muscles); Venom sucks Maximus; Maximus tops Venom.
found in compilation Black Cherry Poppers (DirtyNewYork)
found in compilation The Best of Venom
found in compilation Banana Splits
found in compilation Greek Week
found in compilation Breaking All the Rules
found in compilation Balls Deep (DirtyNewYork)
found in compilation Chasin Loads
see also Beef Steak

2. Angel-D Og
After meeting in a men's room, on a white-tiled subway stairway, Angel-D (latino, long wavy black hair, white shirt with "72" on it, brown inside-out sheepskin jacket) sucks an unidentified model (dark wool cap with white border, black jacket, faded blue jeans-Venom?).

3. Duke (bcp) OrAtRg, Prince (black) OgAbRr
On a subway train car, Prince (black baseball cap over black and white bandanna, black t-shirt with blue print) sucks Duke (darker, goatee, white shirt); they go to Prince's place; on a red bed with a large black oval headboard bordered by a single silver rod,  Duke rims and tops Prince.
see also Keepin' It Real (ChocolateCream)
found in compilation Cream of da Crop 1
found in compilation Remember When
found in compilation M.O.B.

4. Duke (bcp) OgAb, Mask 2 OrAt
After showering in a white-tiled shower, Duke (small, muscular, dark, goatee) puts on a white and yellow-striped towel and comes upon The Mask, who has broken into his apartment and has a gun; The Mask (full black head covering, white bandage on upper right arm, slim, light brown, blue shirt) forces Duke to suck; in a white room, on a gray beige bed with rows of open squares and square dots, under a wide black-framed window, next to a maze of pipes on the wall, The Mask tops Duke.
found in compilation Stick Up Kids
found in compilation Shut Up and Take Dis Dick
found in compilation When the Time Is Right
found in compilation The Best of Duke

5. Duke (bcp) OgAb, Pinky (black) OrAt
In a white-tiled shower with a glass partition, Duke (darker, heavier, muscular, goatee) sucks  Pinky (lighter, slim, neck chain, line of tattooing on upper left arm); they return to a nearby white bedroom with a wall of windows with black frames, no blinds, and a beige bed, patterned with squares and rows of dots, without a headboard, where Duke sucks some more and Pinky tops Duke in several positions.
found in compilation Cream of da Crop 1
found in compilation Hookin' Up in the Hood
found in compilation Best of Pinky
found in compilation Affections
found in compilation Whats on Your Mind
found in compilation The Best of Duke
found in compilation Who Wants Some Dick
found in compilation Face Down in the Hood
found in compilation Measure Up (Freakdorm)

action notes:
O=Oral; A=Anal; R=Rim; g=give; r=receive; b=bottom; t=top;

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