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Sadly, most of the guys in this movie have not been seen again on screen again, but that doesn't mean that the now famous Jan Novak -- who gets what must be his first credit here on the cover and screen as "in association with" director John Travis -- won't find a place for some of these guys, whom he obviously recruited for this luscious lap around a Prague garage. This is supposedly Novak's first creative appearance, and it certainly forecast what is now a brilliant career.

"Sextrap" is one of those "my car broke down" flicks. It features a bunch of Czech street-guy types, all but two of which are mechanics in a run-down garage in a village outside Prague.  John Travis has selected guys somewhat less polished in their looks and acting prowess, and not as physically perfect as we have come to expect from this area of Eastern Europe -- they're all nicely built, mind you, but there's no real buffed-out star, nor is there any real skinny twink. These are just neighborhood guys, and I would not mind living across the street from this garage if this is typical of the kind of guys I'll find in that kind of neighborhood anywhere.

Tall, lanky Daniel, ostensibly the star of the show, is driving toward Prague, having apparently been thrown out of his home by his parents who "don't understand" him. His car breaks down, and what do you know? Right behind him is a little red sedan being driven by Milos, who happens to be the garage supervisor. Milos gets a rope out of the trunk and tows Daniel's car off to the garage, where a bevy of guys greet them and push the car into the garage. This scene is observed by a spy, Filip, who is across the road, and when the mechanics slide the door shut on the garage, he runs across the road and pries it open. That's the last you'll see of Filip, who is a spitting image of Wes Bentley (the kid who played the next-door-neighbor video freak in "American Beauty"), until the last scene.

Milos, who is a less buffed, more relaxed Karl Tenner-type (but prettier), introduces Daniel to the mechanics, who observe (out loud) that he looks pretty good. Daniel looks like the college freshman that was a star forward on his high school basketball team, but will have to become a guard to make it in college. He's got a nice, middle-class face, a smooth, somewhat developed lanky frame, and a very nice cock when it is at full erection. What impresses me more in the DVD version is that he's somewhat taller than most of his co-stars, and his long legs meet up with what turns out to be a pretty sensational ass. The guys tell Daniel to go in the other room to clean up (he apparently got dirty). Four mechanics are left, and the action starts. First we follow Daniel to the other room, where another guy, cute Petr, a somewhat punkish looking kid, tells Daniel that since he's dirty, he should take his clothes off. As soon as Daniel is down to his standard-issue grey boxers, Petr is on his knees glomming up what becomes a seriously large cock. There is instant sexual attraction here between these two guys, and the blowjob from Petr is very enthusiastic, with lots of licking and quick, intense gulps of Daniel's large cock. Then the scene switches back to the mechanic's work area.

Apparently juiced up by the sight of Daniel, Zdenek and Robert begin to eye each other near the car. The former is a clone of the legendary John Davenport (not as endowed, but close enough), and has the best body in the group -- he's the only one who can show defined abs with a flick of the hip. Robert is a bit more hip in appearance, with a gold loop earring and streaked longer hair than the rest, and is lightly built, but also seriously endowed. We find this out when Zdenek grabs Robert and starts to kiss him deeply, something that this flick is very good at giving us -- these guys like to make out. Zdenek wastes no time in opening Robert's loose jeans and dropping to his knees. The sight of this hot looking stud diving right for a stiffening cock is a highlight of the movie, and as soon as he puts his mouth over the tip of Robert's cock, it gets hard and we're off. Like most Eastern Europeans, Zdenek and the other guys don't deep-throat, but they get the job done.

Meanwhile, in the background, Tomas grabs Josef and pulls him over to another car. The kissing here is passionate, deep and imploring. Tomas and Josef literally tear each other's clothes off, and I could hardly catch my breath when Josef's jeans dropped to the ground -- two perfect, very full, somewhat low-hanging orbs make up one of the most inviting butt-fucking targets I have ever seen. Tomas is so excited he just turns Josef around, pushes him down on the hood, and plunges right in.

The filming here is excellent -- two couples, each passionately tearing each other apart. In the foreground, Zdenek is sucking Robert; in the background, Tomas is fucking Josef. Then, Robert drops to his knees and starts sucking Zdenek as Tomas pulls Josef off the hood of the car and throws him onto his back in the rear seat, and plunges once again into that sensational ass. Individual shots and close-ups of both couples punctuate shots when both couples are going at it -- one fucking, the other sucking. Then as Tomas is reaching his full, thrusting action with Josef throwing his butt into the air to get more of Tomas' cock into him, we see Zdenek turn Robert around, bend him over the hood of the car, and plunge into his tight little ass. The camera goes straight to Josef's cock, which sends out a hot spurt of cum as Tomas reaches full climax, pulls out, and shoots a very copious load all over Josef's hot little body.

And the camera cuts to the back room again, where Petr is getting up off his knees and kisses Daniel, who rips Petr's clothes off and goes straight down to his cock. In a flash we get an overhead shot of Daniel engorging a monster cock, looking adoringly up at Petr. The action continues for a couple of minutes, and we are transported back to the mechanic's bay. There, Zdenek has thrown Robert on his back over the hood of the car and is plowing him missionary-style, holding his legs spread out by the ankles in a fuck worthy of any well-produced Hollywood fuck film. In the background, Josef is standing on the backseat step, and Tomas is back for more, this time sucking Josef. This is a neat transposition -- this couple starts sucking after they've finished fucking, while the other couple starts fucking after they've finished sucking. And Tomas gives good head -- going down deeper than anyone in the flick and then literally losing himself in a licking fit on Josef's balls. Josef wants some of this action, too, and jumps down, turns Tomas around, and plunges to his crotch, engorging one of the largest dicks in the film in no time, and enjoying it immensely. He brings Tomas off in no time -- another major explosion from this stud -- while Josef cums all over the two of them. Meanwhile, Zdenek and Robert are plowing away, with Robert spurting while on his back and still hard. Zdenek can take it no longer and delivers one of the best money-shots in the flick. Nice coffee break, guys.

Back in the back room, Petr has now flipped Daniel onto a table and is plowing his ass missionary-style. Daniel shows real emotional pleasure here, and throws his butt up to meet every thrust from Petr's man-sized dick. It's too much for Daniel, who spurts a load all over his body -- but Petr wants more. He takes Daniel off the table, bends him over, and plunges in doggy-style. A few quick feeds from Petr's cock and he's ready to explode -- and so is Daniel, once again. Two good money-shots end this encounter, and Petr tells Daniel to get dressed.

We are transported to the shower room where swarthy Marek is cleaning up. In walks Ondrej, looking for someone, or something. Ondrej is a gymnast type with (proportionately) the largest dick in the flick. He tells Marek that Petr has already fucked "the new guy," meaning Daniel, and Marek tells Ondrej he could use a little of that action. Their scene is somewhat quick and perfunctory, and is not spiced with anything other than decent mutual blowjobs (they both cum) followed a good topping session of Ondrej by Marek, in which they cum again.

Daniel by now has found other rooms in the big garage, and wanders into what looks like a storeroom, and sits on a couch. Meanwhile, the voyeur from the first scene, Filip, has gotten into the garage and winds up on the opposite part of the room, somewhat hidden. Soon, Milos, the guy who towed Daniel, comes into the room and seduces him. This is a very hot scene in which Milos completely dominates the action, with heavy kissing and sensuous stripping, diving deep into Daniel's jeans with his mouth for his cock, and an extended blowjob which turns into a very hot 69 session on the couch. Milos, probably the shortest guy in the flick (but well built) has the thickest cock, and Daniel enjoys it very much -- he actually tries to deep-throat it once or twice. Meanwhile, our voyeur Filip has settled into a couch of his own and watches, schlong in hand, as Milos impales Daniel on his thick throbbing dick during a sit-fuck. Daniel then returns the favor, with Milos spreadeagled missionary-style over a lounge chair and Daniel plowing away in his first topping session of the flick. Both cum copiously as Filip continues his stint jerking off.

Before we know it, Milos is spreadeagled on the couch, but this time Daniel is giving Milos another blowjob. Out of nowhere comes Lukas, another little stud muffin, who drops his pants and plunges his hard dick into Daniel's waiting hole. Filip can hardly stand it all, and neither can the other three as a quick climax ensues with everyone squirting and sprouting cum. Then, it's night, the garage door opens, and the mechanics send Daniel on his merry way.

2000, 90 min

Country:  Czech Republic

Studio:  Studio 2000 International

Cast:  Daniel Koukal, Josef Sladek, Petr Kovarik, Milos Jirik, Ondrej Mika, Tomas Kubecka, Zdenek Kyselka, Marek Gloss, Robert Stadler, Lukas Kratky, Filip Kral

Director:  John Travis in association with Jan Novak

Producer:  Scott Masters

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