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Cast:  Jim Buck, Elio Acostas, Solomon Powers, Sam Crockett, Sean London, Hank Monahan, Anthony Gallo, Kurt Stefano, Ryan Wagner, Tarik

Director:  Wash West

Country:  US

Length: 1 hr 7 min

Year: 1997

Comprised of four short films strung together with a flimsy "man with a toolbox" theme, Toolbox the film will have you rifling with your own tool for many a repeat viewing.

First up is "Dumb As Paint" starring that pierced piece of pounding pleasure Jim Buck and newcomer Hank Monahan. Buck owns a painting service and employs the silent (read: retarded) Monahan. While doing a client's home, Buck seduces the hunk and proceeds to squeeze the excess "paint" out of his throbbing "roller." Monahan finally comes to life uttering the immortal line: "Shut the fuck up and sit on my dick, bitch!" which Buck (without his Prince Albert piercing) does lovingly; much flying "spackle" abounds.

"Mexicana Garage" has blonde stud Sean London as an INS officer, demanding to see the green cards of the three muy guapo Latino mechanics working there. Instead, he (and we) are treated to an all-out orgy of huge uncut cocks. Talk about checking under the hood! "Plumber's Butt" has pup Ryan Wagner calling for cigar-chomping, nasty daddy Sam Crockett to clean out his pipes, which Crockett does in typically expert fashion. Much dirty talk and drool-inducing deep throating here.

Last up is "Lumberfuck '73," West's homage to grainy '70s porn films. Kurt Stefano (looking megababe buff) and hairy Anthony Gallo give you a faithful recreation, complete with emulsion scratches, bachelor pad music and steamy outdoor ass-poundings.

Toolbox is an all-out triumph and a definite keeper for the collection.

-- Keeneye Reeves

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