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Daniel & Amador [CM - 720p]

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“I have been trying to find Daniel a hot Latin or African America
guys since they turn him on so much.
But again, he is so passive that he usually closes his eyes,
tilts his head, and gets lost in the feeling of getting fucked.
He loves servicing Amador, but with so little eye contact, you
might think he is just not in to it.
Oh, he is!

I do try to encourage him to make some noise and step out of his
headspace, but he just loves the feeling of getting fucked.
Daniel tends to not jerk-off much while getting fucked, often
saying he is too close to cumming. He sure is turned-on, only
jerking his cock occasionally to keep hard.

Amador is a bossy guy, and really puts Daniel through his paces.
Since Daniel is always about to cum, I thought I would challenge
him to see just how close he truly is.

Some of the bottoms out there may think that standing while
bouncing up on a cock is an acquired or advanced skill.
Many prefer just laying on their back, or even doggie-style, so
they can be comfortable while hammering their own cock.
Daniel was standing and repeatedly bashing his ass onto Amador's
cock while Amador sat back and enjoyed having his cock ass-rammed.
Amador would reach around and stroke Daniel's cock, getting him
closer and closer.

While getting an intense quad workout, Daniel easily blows his
load while basically doing squats on Amador's cock.
Not exactly impossible, but it is a tricky maneuver!
They switch things up so Daniel makes a platter of his ass.
Amador coats his ass and his hole with thick ropes of cum.
He even manages to dip his cock in, giving him an amazing creampie!”

CAST: Daniel, Amador
STUDIO: ChaosMen
RELEASED: January 6th, 2017
RESOLUTION: 1280 × 720 pixels

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