Blackmen net - Marc's Hawaiian Dreams Vol 1

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Marc's Hawaiian Dreams 1
distributor Kats Entertainment released 2007 length 97
category General Hardcore
rating out of 4 ***
produced ?
location U.S.
body types Black
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Aarin (Driver)
Ian Rock
Marc Williams
Rodney (black)
source: promotional material
Marc's Hawaiian Dreams features black gay porn superstar Marc Williams as he encounters strife in his love life when he discovers his lover cheating on him. After seeking consultation from his shrink, Marc drifts off in his dreams to Hawaii, where he becomes a changed, and much more peaceful, man. Amidst the tropical paradise that is Hawaii, Marc bottoms for the first time on DVD with a variety of beautiful black men.
The movie features Marc with an all-black cast. Released by Kats Entertainment, this marks the first entry into the commercial DVD market for BlackMen.Net, the worlds leading adult website for those who love black men. The video was shot on location in Hawaii, featuring beautiful surroundings coupled with hot masculine black men who deliver great performances.
Shot in the wonderfully stylistic fashion for which BlackMen.Net is known, Marc's Hawaiian Dreams features no feminine men, no erectile dysfunction, and no “thug” behavior. It establishes a new benchmark for all-black gay video.
scenes /
loops /
source: promotional material
1. Marc Williams At, Aarin (Driver) Ab
Marc and Aarin as lovers.

2. Aarin (Driver) OgAbRr, Ian Rock OrAtRg
Aarin cheats on Marc with Ian.

3. Marc Williams OgAbRr, Zen OrAtRg
Marc dreams of sex with Rodney by a pool.

4. Rodney (black) OrgAt, Marc Williams OgrAb
Marc dreams of sex with Zen by the pool.

5. Marc Williams OgrAb, Rodney (black) OgrAt, Zen OrAt
Zen and Rodney take on Marc together.

action notes:
O=Oral; A=Anal; R=Rim; g=give; r=receive; b=bottom; t=top;
reviews From ManNet

Director Xavier McDonald's "Marc's Hawaiian Dreams: Volume 1" is sensational, full of sexy muscle and huge cocks. This is the first time I've seen this director's work and am quite impressed -- the production values are superb and all of the men are smokin' hot with genuine chemistry all around throughout.
In the opener, Marc Williams, a thickly muscular man with dark brown skin, is fucking the daylights out of his lover in a bed as the scene begins. Aarin, a hottie with braided hair is smaller and fairer than Marc and is tightly built, takes an energetic pounding from Marc like a champ, Marc slicing into him with a scissor fuck, then doggy, the camera getting in close to show the in-and-out thrusting as Marc's dong enters and exits Aarin's sweaty ass. Marc shifts to missionary to fuck the cum out of Aarin, Marc yanking out his load last. Marc hops in the shower to wash away the cum, this sequence revealing just how beefy Marc's body is as he soaps up, rinses and applies lotion to his baby-smooth skin before getting dressed and bidding Aarin goodbye for the day as he goes to work.
Dirty dog! As soon as Marc pulls out of the driveway, Aarin welcomes his part-time lover, Ian, in for a little late-morning nookie. Well, little is probably not the best word to describe Ian. He is a towering hunk of the highest order: Ian's gorgeous, has long braided hair, smooth honey-colored skin, and -- gasp! -- a humongous cock. Humongous I tell you. Not big. Not huge. Humongous. After a passionate bout of kissing and feeling each other up at the door, Aarin quickly gets Ian into bed (the same bed where Marc had just given him the fuck of a lifetime, mind you). No matter, he's ready and able to take on Ian, urgently sucking down inches and inches and inches of Ian's spectacular dong (did I mention that it's humongous?). It should be said that Aarin also has a big thick cock, and he remains hard as he sucks, gets rimmed and gets fucked. Ian spreads open Aarin's small butt and shoves his big face in for a deep rimming, licking, sucking and pleasing the hole as Aarin's rock-hard dick pulses and throbs with each lash of Ian's long tongue. Aarin goes back for more cocksucking, nearly taking all of it down his gullet (not humanly possible, I'm afraid). Ian fingers Aarin's shaved butthole, Aarin backing that thang up as Ian slides ALL of his cock into Aarin's butt, amazingly, then he proceeds to thrust in and out as if he didn't have one of the biggest cocks on the planet. Aarin's dick still hard as a rock, Ian fucking and fucking and fucking him, his low-hangers slapping against Aarin's buttocks. As Aarin is getting the stuffing fucked out of him, Marc returns home to witness Aarin getting deep-dicked by Ian. Marc sees this, and, feeling hurt (or jealous), leaves. Ian has now flipped Aarin over and missionary-fucks the cum out of little Aarin, then adds his to the cummy mess.
Marc cries his heart out, a gooey tear (looks like lube to me) rolls down his face. This, strangely, leads Marc to fall asleep and dream of a Hawaiian vacation where he got the stuffing fucked out of him by two spectacular tops.
Now dreaming, Marc's in Hawaii relaxing by a pool when handsome Zen walks by and boldly kisses him. Marc reaches under Zen's sarong and strokes his stout cock, eventually deep-throating it. Zen is a muscular and a somewhat strict top, and he tentatively licks Marc's bubble-butt and then slowly fucks Marc's mouth. Zen then fucks Marc from behind, the fucking becoming faster and harder. Zen shoots a large wet load on Marc's butt, Marc letting loose with a thick load last.
Rodney, yet another handsome muscle dude with short hair, makes his way over to Marc and they make out with plenty of French kissing. They quickly strip out of their bathing suits, completely exposing their competition-level muscle bodies. Rodney is perfection, his physique packed with symmetrical muscle, plus he has large brown nipples and an uncut cock fit for a king. Or, as Marc proves, fit for a greedy cocksucker. Marc licks and sucks Rodney's chest and large nipples, working his way down and taking Rodney's gigantic uncut dong (with its generous foreskin, natch) down his throat. Marc goes to town, jacking the shaft and sliding it down his throat. Rodney returns the favor, sucking down Marc's dark cock while jacking the shaft. They move to a 69 on the grass, Marc sucking down all of Rodney's impressive erection with deep, meaningful gulps as an interested lizard looks on from a distance. Rodney then dry humps Marc's lumps, frottage never looking so good, Marc's big butt rising and falling like the waves of the ocean as Rodney prepares him for the insertion to come. From behind, Rodney slides that big brown log of his into Marc's waiting (and wanting) asshole, Mr. Williams groaning and moaning as Mr. Gorgeous fucks him in the sunlight on the grass in the ass. Rodney gets in deeper sidesaddle, shown in tight close-up, Rodney's thick meat shoved in completely. Rodney cums first, then Marc. Wow.
Rodney and Zen return for the three-way finale. They meet Marc around midnight to suck and fuck in and around a bubbling in-ground Jacuzzi. They kiss and trade blows (Marc and Rodney suck cock like it's going out of style; Zen plays with Marc's cock with his mouth but never puts the cock in his mouth). Marc gorges on both cocks and then gets fucked from behind by both men again. Yowza!
DVD features: Chapters; gallery; promotional clips ( and; and no regional coding (playable worldwide).
A DVD Review by Butch Harris
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