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Fistpack 16 Hand It Over

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DescriptionThree words butt boys long to hear from their able and ready tops. Upon command, round melon asses point skyward, assholes quiver with anticipation, and streams of lube pour out to coat demanding hands.

Daniel Dixx, Antonio Biaggi

We are most proud to open HAND IT OVER with our own sexy,raunchy Rican, and Raging Stallion Exclusive, ANTONIO BIAGGI, inhis first appearance in our filthy line of fisting flicks. ANTONIO showsno mercy to a very able DANIEL DIXX, whom ANTONIO firstencounters chained up to our DUNGEON BED. ANTONIO runs histalented tongue all over DANIEL's quivering flesh as ANTONIO's ownenormous 11 INCH MONSTER grows from between his mochaskinnedthighs. ANTONIO takes his time teasing DANIEL, eventuallytaking him down from the restraints and turning him ass up on thebed to give his hole a tongue-probing DANIEL won't soon forget.Soon enough, ANTONIO breaks out the lube, filling DANIEL's hole.DANIEL can only look up at ANTONIO's eyes over his own ass andhis own eyes widen as his hole gives way to ANTONIO'sdemanding paws. But this is only the warm up.
ANTONIO gloves up his beautiful cock and fucks DANIEL good andhard, following long shaft strokes with lubricated hands, back andforth. Cock. Then Arm. Then Cock. Then Arm. ANTONIO's plumsizednuts bounce on DANIEL's taint in maddening excitement.DANIEL takes everything ANTONIO can dish out, including squattingdown to straddle ANTIONIO's probing paw. BOTH men end thisscene with cum shots you won't want to miss.

Billy Ryder, Quixote Brandon

Two beautiful boys take the stage: BILLY RYDER and QUIXOTEBRANDON. BILLY's supple body, framed in a black leather harnessand black jockstrap, is too tempting for QUIXOTE's limber wrists andhands. QUIXOTE slips on a couple of black latex gloves, shines themup with creamy lube, and plunges them into BILLY's boy-sized ass.BILLY loves to coax QUIXOTE on, asking for more and more probingand pushing until QUIXOTE's hands slide in and out of BILLY's asslike a knife through warm buddah. BILLY's hole is hungry, to be sure.QUIXOTE coaxes a hot load out of BILLY and then BILLY returns thefavor, teasing QUIXOTE's own smooth dark ass with a butt plug,sending a load out of QUIXOTE's stiff cock

Mason Garet, Aaron Hammer

Our final scene showcases our own MASON GARET with AARONHAMMER. MASON, coated in shiny latex zippered tank and shorts,writhes and shivers beneath AARON's demanding slaps and probingtongue. AARON laps up all the sweat that pours out from betweenMASON's ass cheeks once freed by the pull of the zipper. After thattasty appetizer, AARON wants more! MASON obliges, getting up intoour sling and swinging back and forth,his hole meeting AARON'sprobing fingers each time MASON flies towards the talented top
Now the two really get going. AARON lubes up his hands and swimsinto MASON's hole, one hand, then the other. There's nothingMASON loves better than riding hands and arms and he lets us knowwith beautiful groans and gasps for air. Watching these two playtogether is a great treat. You'll see for yourself as AARON coaxes notone, not two, BUT THREE CREAMY LOADS from MASON GARETwhile MASON's hole opens to full blossom under AARON's artfulcomman
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