Playing With Fire 2 in mpg

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DescriptionPlaying With Fire 2 in mpg

Cast:  Billy Herrington, Bo Garrett, Steve Cassidy, Eric Evans, Luke Savage, Alex Wilcox, Brent Banes, Cameron Sage, Steve Shannon, Gregg Rockwell, Mark Slade, Michael Brandon

Warning: You may spontaneously combust while watching Playing with Fire 2. Hot, hot, hot describes this fiery foray into the sex lives of a company of studly firemen. Billy "Muscles" Herrington stars as the captain of a troop of incredibly hunky men who put out fires before fanning the flames of their own erotic desires.

And, there’s a plot! Herrington and his men at Fire Station 69 are hot on the trail of a mysterious serial arsonist who burns down buildings and leaves his calling card - a gas can covered in jizz!

The film gets off to a rousing start when Evans, with his perfectly muscled, perfectly furry body, gives Banes a wake-up call by popping his doodle into his mouth. Banes has a brutish, simian quality with a killer body as well. The two hunks end up locked in a steamy 69 before Evans begins toying with Bane’s furry hole. He licks it, slaps it with his shmeckle, and then gives it a power-fucking that makes Banes bray like a mule. Next thing you know, Evans is bottoming, and Banes is banging him like a pro. After a bit, Evans ends up frosted with both his spunk and Banes’. Throughout the scene, the lighting and camerawork highlight every inch of these two fallen gods as they go at it.

Next, we’re let into Herrington’s shower fantasy. As he soaps his hugely muscled bod, several of his fellow firefighters enter the shower, strip down and lather up. The crew here consists of smooth, towheaded Shannon, burly, grizzled he-man Cassidy, tall, black haired Wilcox and super-hottie Rockwell. The scene changes to slow motion, and each of the men jerk off as Herrington does the same. Eventually, they all shoot, including Herrington, who lovingly licks the spooge off his fingers.

Another Herrington fantasy is next on the agenda. Herrington stumbles upon Rockwell, who takes time from cleaning the fire truck to tongue-bathe Herrington’s massive form. Before you know it, Brandon and Sage are in on the action, doing things to both Herrington and each other. Then, Cassidy appears and the scene really heats up. With their eyes locked, they whisper naughty nothings to each other while being serviced by the others. Cassidy then lies on the truck and Rockwell packs his fudge like nobody’s business. Brandon takes to the task next, slamming his oversized organ into Cassidy’s brown eye with reckless abandon. Cassidy ends up covered in lots of guy-goo.

Next, Garrett gets it on with Slade and Savage in a very dirty three-way. Garrett’s long scraggly hair, tattoos and a five-day growth of beard will satisfy all your biker fantasies. It turns out that Herrington isn’t the only one fantasizing about boys. First, Garrett plops down in a chair and makes oral love to both of his friends. Savage then ends up on his back, Garret’s pinga in his mouth and Slade’s ramrod up his hole. Then Bo takes over and goes ballistic on Savage’s manpuss.

Herrington then goes up onto the roof to work out, where Cassidy just happens to be sunning his rugged body. Herrington puffs up like an adder, stroking his bulging muscles lovingly. Cassidy takes the bait and strolls on over. A wrestling match leads to kissing, and before you know it, they’ve made it to second base. Cassidy lies on his back as Herrington covers virtually every inch of his body with his tongue, including Cassidy’s throbbing gherkin. The two end up in a 69, where Herrington inserts his wriggling tongue into Cassidy’s brown eye. Herrington’s tool then takes the plunge, and he shtups Cassidy with gusto. Herrington shoots his sizzling spunk all over Cassidy’s crack, and then licks it up! Herrington then simultaneously fingers Cassidy while tonguing his balls, which makes Cassidy shoot all over his stomach.

As the Amish would say, Playing with Fire 2 is "wonderful good" porn. Get it.

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