BreederFuckers - Liam 3

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1. BreederFuckers - Liam 3.mp4
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Description - Straight boy fucked up the arse, electro shock collar strapped to balls, made to rim his assailant's arsehole, cock and balls lashed to feet, dental gag, nose hook, fucked with a dildo and broom handle, semen shot into mouth, piss sprayed into mouth and over face.
            His boy cunt freshly evacuated, straight delivery driver Liam now has to endure a deeply humiliating fucking. There's nothing he can do about it with all his limbs tied and a nasty electro shock collar strapped tightly to the lad's tender bollocks. His face contorts in pain with every stroke of Adrian's relentless shafting. The hetero's tight virginal cunt is stretched with the pounding. Yet Liam's torment is increased as Dave ties up his cock and balls, then binds them to his toes. Every thrust of Adrian's cock brings new agony with every movement of his own feet!
To ensure maximum pain for Liam, Dave shocks his balls with the remote controlled shock collar. Liam's cries of agony are met with laughter from the 2 sadists. How could it possibly be any worse? Dave uses the shocker to make Liam beg to suck his filthy arsehole. Whether Liam wants it or not Dave presents his big arse, spreads his cheeks and sits on Liam's face. Liam sticks his wet reluctant tongue up the sadist's pungent pink rectum.
Dave wants a delicious rim job and threatens Liam with constant ball shocks if he isn't entirely happy with the boy's tonguing. Liam learns how to breathe with his only air supply from Dave's arse, it is clamped fast over the boy's mouth.
Liam has no idea what a dental gag is and is taken unawares as Dave straps the device into his mouth, prising open the boy's jaws, wide. A cruel nose-hook fastened into his nostrils adds considerably to the pain and humiliation. Adrian pulls his cock out of Liam's pained shithole but the lad has no let up. Adrian replaces it with a dildo on a broom handle and the anal fucking continues. Meanwhile Dave ties up Liam's knob with twine and pulls it up, attaching it to the ceiling. Every part of Liam's sexy young body now a subject of torment.
Adrian, on a sadistic high, unloads his balls into Liam's mouth. He barely has time to react to the sickening warm semen splashing into his gob before Dave takes his own dick out and pisses into Liam's mouth adding to the truly revolting mixture. The 2 sadists burst out laughing at Liam, his mouth not much better than a filthy toilet. Who could endure anything so vile and inhumane?

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