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Defilling Cooper -
Cooper is a very hot and adorable 18-year-old blond straight boy. This video was shot on his second visit. In advance of the video, he had said he was up for shoot anything possible. He didn’t ask for details. When he showed up he found the spanking tower waiting for him. He couldn’t figure out how it worked. He had as much trouble getting into it as any boy we’ve shot.

Once in it, he realized that he was going to be anally penetrated for the first time. We don’t know what he had in mind when he said he was up for shooting “anything possible,” but we are sure this was a complete surprise. He could have backed out, of course, and we'd have found something else to shoot. That wasn't necessary, though, because Cooper is a man of his word and took it like a man.

Cooper's First Gay Blowjob -
Cooper is an 18-year-old blond straight boy with the face of a matinee idol. Today he’s getting his first gay blowjob, and he’s more than a little nervous about it. Tom starts by having Cooper lie down on his stomach while he rubs his back. Before long, Cooper’s shirt, sweatpants and boxer briefs are off and he’s rolling over for the oral to begin. Tom blows him slow and long. Cooper’s worries disappear as he finds himself enjoying the experience. You’ll witness this barely legal young man experience gay oral for the first time. Stay tuned until the end for Cooper’s honest opinion of the experience.

Cooper's First Gay Experience -
Cooper is an 18-year-old straight boy. This is both his first adult video and his first gay experience.

Usually we start a first shoot by interviewing the boys about themselves and their sexual history. Today is different. Within 20 minutes of arriving and meeting Tom, Cooper is left alone in the room with instructions to strip down and get under the sheets on the massage table. Tom then reenters the room and begins to massage Cooper. After a while Tom begins stroking Cooper’s cock. He then has Cooper raise up on all fours and proceeds to jerk him off until he cums. After he cums, Tom continues to play with Cooper’s now very sensitive cock.

You get to see the whole thing unfold and watch Cooper’s reactions as a man massages and strokes him for the first time. At the end of the video, Cooper admits he enjoyed the experience.
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