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ManplayWinner of 9 GAYVN Awards (2002's most-winning film), including Best Screenplay, Best Sex Comedy, and Best Supporting Actor (Rod Barry), this was one of the year's funniest, hottest, sleaziest, rudest, and most out-and-out most enjoyable.
In all senses of the word. The opening is an oral-only classic.
In it, we are treated to the gloriously crotch-bulging sight of cousin Luther (Trent Cougar) bitchslapping, spitting on and literally gagging his cockpig nephew Bret Wolfe.
And then hocking a mouthful of beer on him. We ain't got no shame here: we've watched it twice already. Rod Barry is a hoot as a "fuckin' cousin", and Sharon Kane's cameo as a trashy neighbor is a scream.
In case you couldn't tell, we think this one's an out-an-out winner.
Break out the mac-'n-cheese and all the lube you can find!
Hit the trailer park with hilarious and sexy results in White Trash.
The powerhouse cast is toplined by none other than Rod Barry as "Amos," the sexy son of "Luther," played by Trent Cougar.
Bret Wolfe plays "Jeremiah," Cougar's nasty nephew. Clay Maverick lends his stunning body and jaw-dropping good looks to the White Trash cast, along with Anthony Shaw, legendary Chad Johnson,
and Luke Pearson.

When Cougar's wife Earlene sets off to capture a coveted karaoke trophy, he takes full advantage of his humpy nephew (Wolfe) who is hanging around the trailer.
Wolfe delivers a hungry, spit-soaked blow job to Cougar that proves that he is one of industry's most gifted new oralists. As Earlene and her girlfriend Kitty (played by industry favorite Sharon Kane) head of their karaoke contest, they meet hunky Clay Maverick who services the ladies (well, their car...) and then heads into the men's room where he puts sexy Anthony Shaw through his paces alongside the butch, masculine Chad Johnson.

Back at the trailer park, the fresh from his oral feast Wolfe pairs off with Rod Barry outdoors.
There are few tops as aggressive as Barry, and it takes a power-bottom like Wolfe to handle him.

As the men are pigging out on each other, their own family porker is stolen.
Barry, shotgun in hand, heads off in hot pursuit and tracks down newcomer Luke Pearson, the varmint responsible for the theft.
Barry "punishes" Pearson in grand porn star style, and the pig is brought safely home in time for "Jerry Springer." Oh, and does Earlene win her trophy?
You'll have to watch and find out!"
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