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It's been said that firemen are a Gay man's hottest wet dream. This firemen version of his extremely popular "Hot Cops" Series by acclaimed Director Chip Daniels, proves the truth of that statement as eight "HOT FIREMEN" repeatedly use their own hoses in an attempt to extinguish the fires in each other's loins.

Our story begins with a cute young fireman recruit, Tom, played by the handsome, redheaded, bubble-butted bottom, Will Clark, who finally gets his wish. He's going to be a fireman and today is his first day on the job. Tom is awakened by his new Station Commander, Hank, played by the 10" thick-dicked, Sam Crockett, reminding him not to be late. Before Tom gets to work however, the fire house is abuzz with activity as Hank samples the sweet ass and thick dick of a fireman, nicknamed Mouse, played by the handsome and extremely versatile, Alex Kincaid. This scene includes an extreme close-up of Alex's puckering, tongue-glazed rosebud and, later, by Hank's nut sack swinging heavily back and forth, banging against Alex's raised tail bone.

No sooner have they delivered their hot loads than the station fire alarm sounds and the crew is off to battle more flames. Meanwhile, Tom is still at home in the shower, preparing for his first day pursuing his life-long dream to be a fireman like his dad, when his buddy and ride, Drew, 8" thickly- hung, Chris Anthony, shows up. Tom is having second thoughts, worrying that as a Gay man, once in the fire station or in the showers, he'll be found out. But as we'll see later, the unexpected sexual hazing and severe cock-abuse in store for the fresh rookie ensures that he'll fit right in with his fellow muscle-bound horn-dog teammates. Like any good buddy, Drew reminds him that what he needs to settle his nerves before he leaves is a good fuck and Drew is just the man to deliver it. Some 69ing ensues, then fingering, and fucking, but the hairless newbie doesn't come off until his buddy forces a extreme dildo into his butthole.

At the same time, fire fighter Luke, played by 8" handsomely hung, Kyle Reardon, has fallen victim to smoke inhalation and collapses, only to be rescued by his co-worker, Don, played by the 10" thick-dicked, Paul Carrigan. While the fire fighters are on their way back to the station house, Tom has arrived and is setting up his locker. Both Don and Luke return, and despite being smeared with ash and soot, take no time at all in bouncing on newbie Tom. This quickly becomes a "3-alarm fire" packing a lot of heat as Don and Luke fill every one of Tom's orifices, before covering him with their hot man-juice.

All the while, back at the fire site, we meet a sizzling-hot "straight" fireman, played by the ripped, heavily hung, 11" thick, Johnny Hansen, who's frustrated that a relief crew won't arrive soon enough for him to visit his "girl friend" and have her suck his huge cock. Not to despair however as, his cock-thirsty homo buddy, Dash, played by the award winning, muscular bottom, J.T. Sloan, offers to do it instead, and Johnny wastes no time in shoving his thick, veiny jawbreaker into his buddy's ready mouth. All of this takes place outdoors, under the blazing sun.

After creaming a thick load on the kneeling Dash's face, Johnny proceeds to poke a finger into his pulsating hole?then two fingers and then three?all the way in. Having prepared the way, Johnny rolls on a condom and wedges his fat cock tightly into Dash's smooth ass. Johnny's cock is so big we get the impression he's bare-backing Dash as the latex remains mostly obscured between the bottom's firm cheeks. All the while Johnny continues to heap verbal abuse on Dash while he fucks him in every position imaginable, quite literally all over the fire truck. The result has Dash continually squirting juicy loads while Johnny pounds his ass. For these "HOT FIREMEN" it appears routine and all in a days work.
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