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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2015-04-04 |
[If you want the Japanese characters to be displayed properly, you'll have to change
your system's unicode language! Look for a tutorial in Google. This is not required
to play the game]

This is a visual novel by popular Bara artist Moritake. You're Sawamura, a muscly young
man who returns to his hometown to celebrate the local summer festival (matsuri) when you
bump into Yoshino, your childhood friend, taking a piss near a shrine! When you two start
catching up on each other, some naughty memories come to mind, one thing leads to another
and... ;) . If you play your cards right, you can also get in the sack with festival organizer, Yamamoto.

A short, but very sweet game with very hot animated sex scenes. Takes no Japanese knowledge to enjoy,
since the events are the main draw to the game. All the events are saved in the game's album. They're also saved in the
"CG Event" folder as well so you can transfer them wherever you want, but I'd advise to not look at them until you've finished the
game at least once, since the sound effects and music make the scenes much more worth it to look in-game. (Small warning, the game has one short
watersports scene).

To save your game, select the sixth option in the "pause menu" (right click when playing)
To load your game when playing, select the fifth option in the "pause menu". To load from the title screen, select the second option.

SPOILER: If you want to have sex with Yamamoto, pick the first choice when you and Yoshino are talking with him!

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