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BSB Shane, Kyle & Alex

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DescriptionShane and Alex were looking for a shoot so that they could make some money. I thought about how I could make a scene different from the oral scene that they did together. That's when I got the call from Kyle, one of our newest models who just did a solo casting couch shoot for us. Setting up a time for them to come into the studio, everyone seemed to be on board. The day of the shoot everyone arrived on time, and so we were able to get started a little faster than normal. Introducing them on camera, I started with Shane on my left, who, to refresh everyone's memory, is straight, has a girlfriend, and just recently sucked a dick for the first time. Sitting in the middle was Kyle, who is straight. From his solo shoot I learned that he has a bunch of gay friends. He mentioned that he was doing the shoots to come up with the money to fix his truck and do a bunch of maintenance on it. On the very end was Alex, our oldest boy in the room at 22, Straight with a girlfriend, I refer to him as the demon child. Putting anal on the table, none of these straight boys even wanted to go there for $1000, and I knew that it wasn't the best time to lay on the charm. Instead, I offered a little less and wanted them to give me a great oral shoot, knowing that for all of them this was still something that they weren't all that excited about. Shane said that he would give oral another try, Kyle would be giving for the first time, and Alex was fine with it. I had the guys stand up for me, and take off their shirts. Alex had taken my advice and gotten some sun, and all three of them had tattoos. My next request was to have Kyle undress Shane starting with his pants. Kyle started with the belt, and then unzipped the jeans. He had a nervous laugh as he did it. Shane was left standing in his underwear, and I told Kyle to touch his privates for a minute. Reaching forward, Kyle took the soft, limp cock in his hand and started touching it. It was then Alex's turn, and so Kyle repeated the same procedure with him. This was his first time touching two guys' dicks other than his own. I had Kyle get down on his knees in front of the other two guys and pull their underwear down. He was good about playing with their dicks and both guys were semi-hard from the light stroking. My question for Kyle was if he had any clue what I was going to have him do next? He guessed it right, to suck it! Starting with Shane he put the dick in his mouth, giving head lightly. After waving some cash in front of him, he said that was his only motivation for doing what he was doing. I noticed that Shane was getting hard and enjoying the oral, and he didn't argue. Having Kyle move on to Alex, he repeated the same techniques and Alex just kept his eyes glued on the porn. My next challenge for Kyle was to have him suck both guys at the same time. Shane and Alex stepped closer together and Kyle put both heads in his mouth. It only lasted for a few seconds before Kyle said that it hurt his mouth too much. The guys took a seat on the couch, and Kyle took turns sucking on them both. Figuring that Kyle could use some help with sucking on Shane's cock, I had Alex get in there to help him. Because of the guys being straight they were a little too afraid of each other to get their mouths on it at the same time, but we paused and I told them how to do it. We started back up and I watched how Alex and Kyle kept their eyes closed while they gave oral together. After a while I had Shane finish getting undressed and had him take a seat in the middle of the couch. Then, I asked for Shane and Alex to both give head to Kyle and show him how it's done. Alex was first to jump to it, and I had to give Shane a little push if he wanted to make the full amount. To keep them interacting with one another, I had Alex move down on the floor to suck his buddy Shane's dick. The guys were great about the oral and they even did the oral wave in both directions, before I asked them to get ready to finish. I set them up with a contest to see which one of the three of them would shoot first, and so on down the line. All three of them got some lube and started stroking their dicks on a mission for emission. The first one to give me a warning that he was about to get off was Shane. He came shooting a nice load onto his stomach. Seeing which of the other two would be next, I just stood back and waited. Alex let me know that he was getting close, and I was able to get him shooting his load on himself. The last one to get off was Kyle and even though it took him a few minutes, he gave a great finish. Overall, it was a good shoot and I was happy to see them all finish and take part in everything. I asked them to keep an open-mind, but wanted them to either fuck a guy or take a dick up the ass for an even bigger amount of money than they have received so far. They just need some time to think about it.
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