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This desert epic owes a lot to films like "The Sheik," and "Lawrence of Arabia," both in terms of atmosphere and setting. There's even a bit of "Aladdin" thrown in for good measure, but the genie is nothing like Robin Williams, trust me. The cast has been chosen with a careful eye, and it includes many studs who resemble Arabians, in particular Arpad Miklos, Miguel Leonn, Iván Andros and Antonio Montez. Each scene opens with a grainy texture that suggests old footage, but as soon as the sex starts, the scene turns crystal clear. Videography, by Charles Stevens, is stunning whether the scene takes place indoors or outdoors.

The sky is a brilliant blue and the sun is blazing when the first scene opens. Hunky Viktor Perseo plays a weary (but buff as hell) traveler who lies down to rest, and cute Sergio Anthony, bearing water, arrives nearby. As Sergio drips water over his sweaty brow, Viktor comes up behind him and gives him a hot kiss. Sergio shares his precious water with Viktor, dripping it over the stud's tanned, hairless pecs and abs, and then Viktor slowly disrobes Sergio. The two studs' bodies gleam in the hot sun, and the action that follows is blistering. First, Sergio sucks Viktor's uncut dick lovingly and energetically, and then Viktor drops to his knees and returns the favor. The most memorable part of their scene, however, is when Sergio bends over a tub filled with water and Viktor fucks him with all he's got. Not only do the two look stunning with the sweat beading up on their tight bodies as they couple, Sergio's insatiable ass is a perfect sheathe for Viktor's raging erection. It is definitely hot (temperature-wise, that is), because more than once, the pair dips into the tub and splashes cool water on each other as they fuck. When Sergio sits on Viktor's thick meat and bounces, the camera gets a great shot of the action. Both studs rise and jerk their dicks at the end, and each explodes with cum that falls into the tub waiting below. The camera lingers on their hardons as they stroke out every last drop. But, then, Viktor wakes -- and Sergio has disappeared. Like all the scenes that follow, we aren't sure if they really happened, or if the desert is merely playing tricks on us.

In the next scene, two nomads stop and throw down a rug, collapsing on it in exhaustion. Then the scene changes, and the two are in a cozy tent, perfect for a desert tryst. Their looks are a delightful contrast: Aries, the top in the scene, is brown and beautiful, with a chinstrap beard and a dick of death; and Chad Thomas, the bottom, is classically handsome, with dirty-blond hair and a bubble-butt to die for. Aries slowly teases Chad's rock-hard dick with his mouth, and although Chad is stark naked, Aries is still fully clothed. When Aries takes off his robes, revealing his cock, Chad's delight at his amazing size is obvious. He dives on Aries' cock, deep-throating as best he can. Then Chad straddles Aries' hips and lowers his ass until his is fully impaled on it. As soon as Chad is all the way down, Aries begins pumping. The two switch positions, and then Chad takes Aries from behind, and while Aries is still shoving his dick deep into Chad, Chad shoots his load, and the view is great, shot from underneath the action. Chad then watches as Aries jerks his dick until he cums, splattering his load into his belly and groin hairs.

No desert epic would be complete without a genie, but the next scene is more like "I Dream of Weenie" than "I Dream of Genie" (sorry, Miss Eden, but we gay men like our genies buff and studly). Antonio Montez and Iván Andros discover not a lamp but an old trunk that has served as a prison for Creed Harley for who knows how long. Creed, a muscular, good-looking, tattooed honey with a hot ass, is decked out in a turban, a necklace that looks like a costume piece for Carol Channing from "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes," and an itsy-bitsy loincloth. Even with all that to contend with, the dude looks ultra-hot, so you know he's something special. Creed fulfills Iván and Antonio's first wish by tag-team blowing them, and then Iván gets down on Creed and Antonio's dicks in succession. There's lots of foreskin play in the sucking scenes, because both Iván and Antonio have intact cocks. The action continues with Iván in the middle as Antonio fucks him from behind, Iván rims, and then sucks Creed. Creed gives lots of vocal encouragement along the way, proving that this genie has a filthy (actually, in that way, kind of like Robin Williams) mouth. Then Iván gets on his back and Antonio fucks him while Creed sits on Ivan's face. In the finale, Creed gets in the middle and jerks his dick as both Iván and Antonio shoot their loads on his legs, and then Creed delivers an amazingly big load of cream while Iván and Antonio each suck and bite his nipples.

The finale is an orgy scene with Miguel Leonn, Ivan, Kyle Lewis (who also wrote the script), and two of the hardest working (and most enjoyed) actors in gay porn, Kent Larson and Arpad Miklos. Miguel plays a sheik, and Iván arrives at his tent with the jeweled crown the sheik treasures. Ivan's reward is to be included in a hot orgy with the sheik's faithful slaves, played by Kent, Arpad, and Kyle. Kent, Arpad and Miguel form a three-way daisy-chain suck as Kyle feeds his meat to Ivan, and then all five studs get together in a group for some hot simultaneous ass-eating and dick-sucking, with Kyle choking down Arpad's long cock and getting his smooth ass eaten by Miguel. Meanwhile, Kent sucks on Miguel and Iván eats out Kent's beautiful hole. Kent and Miguel make a great pair as they sit facing each other and rub their hard cocks together while the camera gets a tight close-up of Iván eating Kyle's hole, and then Iván backs off far enough that we can see Iván making his pucker pulsate in and out. Kent then plunges deep into Ivan's ass from behind as Kyle sits on Arpad and rides his cock. The highlight of the scene is next, with Iván taking on both Kent and Miguel, who tag-team fuck the stud from behind. Then Miguel and Iván split off from the other three for a hot missionary-fuck, with great shots of the penetration from start to finish. Kent gets on his knees for both Arpad and Kyle, and their huge dicks stretch his mouth and cheeks to their limits. In the finale, Kent, on his back, is surrounded by the others, who all shoot their loads on him one by one. Kent shoots, too, his cum drizzling from the head of his cock onto his crotch.
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