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1. [Catalina] Big Bear Lake  - When ANTHONY GALLO returned from Big Bear Lake he tells his friend GUS about all the hot sexy hair bears he found while hunting. After hearing the stories of all the bear fucking and sucking, GUS has a trail of his own that needs exploring.

File Size : 1,27 Gb.
Duration : 00:58:59
Resolution : 720x480

2. Ty me up - Ty Me Up was one of covermodel Ty Fox's biggest hits and it's easy to see why. If the blond, mega-built, beefy beefcake butt-buster is the of man who floats your boat, then you'll prob find Ty Me Up to be one of his most satisfying. Ty never looked better than here.
The story's a little twisted, and clearly a take on Pedro Almodovar's Tie Me Up! Tie Me Down!: Ty is locked up in a loony bin of sorts, where his doctor (the indescribably hunky Tim Barnett) has been overseeing Ty's recovery. Doc Tim shows Ty "therapy flicks" - aka fuck films - to help him out. Ty becomes infatuated with one of the guys, tracks him down, bonks him on the noggin and proceeds to make him his hostage... and fuck buddy.
The sex is terrifically shot by director Eliot who lets his camera worship every bulging muscle of Ty's beefy bod. If super-built dudes do it for you, then check it out. If you're a fan of either Ty or Tim (hubba hubba) then it's one you most certainly want to have. Enjoy!..

Duration: 01:17:44
Resolution: 640x480
File Size: 0.750 GB

3.  ESCAPE TO ECHO BEACH - Hunky Marine Mike Radcliffe is on leave and off to the beach
in this Josh Eliot sizzler! Tuck Johnson and hot hairy
daddy Mark Sargent get hungry on each other in the dunes
surrounding Echo Beach, while Radcliffe gets
"double-penetrated" by Blake Harper and Jason Branch!
Other beach-babes include Eduardo, Phoenix, and Paul Wendt.
Starring: Phoenix, Eduardo, Jason Branch, Blake Harper, Tuck
Johnson, Mike Radcliffe, Mark Sargent, Paul Wendt.
Director: Josh Elliot

Duration:1h 20mn
File size  : 1.29 GiB
Resolution : 720x480

4. Catalinaville -  1998

Cast:  Cliff Parker, Antonio, Brad King, Brian Daniels, Cole Tucker, Damon Wolf, Doug Jeffries, Dylan James, James West, Logan Reed, Marc Hamilton, Matthew Anders, Max Grande, Paul Morgan, Ray Harley, Sam Crockett, Santiago, Sean Dickson, Steve Rambo, Tony Bullitt, Tony Tedesco, Tony Zerega, Vinnie Baldini

What happens when the wrong piece of information falls into the right hands? Catalina Video and our leading director Josh Eliot are proud to present CatalinaVilleā„¢. Catalina Exclusive Steve Rambo portrays a computer specialist who receives a mysterious computer disk. End of story? Hardly! Someone else wants the information on that disk, and they'll stop at nothing to get it, including murder. CatalinaVilleā„¢ promises to take you on a journey that no other all-male video has before. Join Steve Rambo and a cast of 22 horny hunks for a tale of mystery, action, romance, and exhilarating MAN-TO-MAN SEX!
Duration:1h 55mn
File size  : 1.26 GiB
Resolution : 720x480

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