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Splash Shots 3 To The Hilt- Falcon - 2002 (AVC AC3[5 1] 1h25m)

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DescriptionSplash Shots 3 To The Hilt- Falcon - 2002 (AVC.AC3[5.1] 1h25m).avi
Splash Shots 3 - To the Hilt - FVP141

File size: 2.19 GB
Running time: 1: 24: 44
Container: AVI
Video: AVC Codec; 848x636 @ 29.97 fps; 3257 kbps (ave)
Audio: AC3 448 Kbps (6 channel); 48000 Hz

Director: Chi Chi LaRue
Cast: Brad Benton, Charlie Moore, Daniel Montes, Derek Cameron, Jason Hawke, Jim Bently, Joe Foster, Josh Harding, Josh Weston, Justin Dragon, Matthew Rush, Robert Collins, Roland Dane, Tommy Brandt.
Studio: Falcon Studios
Released: 2002
Condoms: Yes

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Splash Shots III: To the Hilt" is the quintessential Falcon movie. Scads of tanned young men frolicking by a pool, theirshiny muscles glistening in the sunlight. And even though Falcon did not invent gay-porn-by-the-pool, they have done more than any other studio to preserve and perfect the genre. Here, as in its predecessors, "Splash Shots" (1984), and "Giant Splash Shots II" (1987), porn legend Jim Bentley appears. Now, think about it, it has been nearly two decades since the first flick was made, and Jim must have an aging picture, à la Dorian Gray, in his attic -- he looks amazing. However, that is getting way ahead of the story (as written by Chris Steele).

It's a simple narrative, really: Two men, amid horseplay with a Frisbee, accidentally toss the toy over a 10-foot fence into the neighbor's estate. So the scoundrels, Roland Dane and Derek Cameron, jump over the fence to retrieve the errant toy. It is -- of course! -- found near the sparkling pool. But before they jump back over the fence they decide to suck face. Lip-locking leads to cocksucking to finger-fucking to butt-plugging. First, with a water hose (Derek doing a good job of jetting the water out of his hole with the force of a fire hose), and then with Roland's uncut dick. Roland screws Derek missionary and doggy atop a fire-engine red picnic table. Derek cums while being fucked and Roland, with the assistance of Derek's hand, jerks off covering Derek's ripped abs with cum. They hear the gardener approaching (who just happens to be riding
around the grounds on a big green lawn mower naked, mind you). So the interlopers bolt (leaving their cherished Frisbee behind).

Charlie Moore is the naked gardener, and what a handsome gardener is he. He's tall and well-built and provides an absolutely gorgeous sight to behold as he struts across the lawn to retrieve the Frisbee -- his rock-hard dick pointing toward the sun. (He looks like an Ivy League rugby player.) Later, poolside, he asks his buddies if they lost a blue Frisbee. They say no, and begin sucking each other's dicks. The buddies: Joe Foster, a very sexy muscular man with a thick pink cock, and Robert Collins, a black bodybuilder with the smoothest skin ever seen on a human being. Impressed with the silky skin and big dick, Charlie rubs suntan lotion all over Robert's broad back and then rubs his mouth all over his big black cock. As Charlie works on Robert from below, Robert takes a licking to Joe's fat dick above. Then Joe rims Charlie's hairy crack before fucking him doggy on a chaise lounge. Robert finishes Charlie off with a missionary-fuck (as he chomps on Joe's bone again as Joe stands over Charlie). Hot men. Hot scene. Didn't expect Charlie to be such a hungry bottom. Way to go, Charlie!

Charlie, it turns out, is not just the gardener -- he's the head groundskeeper, and he instructs his crew of plucky workers to finish up their work and not to get sidetracked by tomfoolery. Well, as soon as he leaves, the tomfoolery (and cocksucking, rimming and fucking) begins. The crew consists of venti-sized and latte-colored bodybuilder Matthew Rush, blond hottie Tommy Brandt, pretty-boy Josh Harting (the box cover model), and cute-as-a-button Jason Hawke. They all trade blows and rims in various configurations before Matthew reverse-sit-fucks Jason, and Josh doggy-fucks blond bombshell Tommy Brandt. Yowza! Tommy, who bears a resemblance to porn star Billy Brandt, hence the same last name, has a great body and big muscular pecs and big cherry-red lips. (He's definitely one to be on the lookout for in future productions.)

After his crew has departed, Charlie invites Josh Weston to come on over to chill out by the pool. Josh agrees and brings along horse-hung Daniel Montes, bad-boy Justin Dragon and slim-goodie Brad Benton. Josh is a muscular V-shaped man with zero-percent body fat, an ass so high and tight it will make you cry just looking at it, and a nice hard dick. Daniel, how can I find the words, looks like one of those Versace models (you know the ones I mean, the ones from those ads where you wonder if men THAT gorgeous really exist). Justin Dragon is a lean goateed fellow with a long slim dick and dark chest hair.

Brad Benton is the cute Energizer Bunny of the group, he lights up at the sight of a big dick. Needless to say, with this bunch, he was zipping here and there and everywhere -- gobbling cock and getting fucked at every turn. As in the previous four-way with Matthew, Tommy, Josh and Jason, these guys tear into dicks, assholes and such with abandon (Daniel and Josh are especially vigorous in their trading of blows in a wild 69, Daniel alternates sucking on Josh's dick and asshole with equal measure). It is just about then that Jim Bentley returns. He is apparently the owner of the house because as he comes upon the four guys sucking and licking by the pool, he stomps his foot and says: "What's going on here?!" The horndogs ignore him, so he pulls out his dick and starts jerking. He then dives for Daniel's big bone (good choice!). The trading of
blowjobs and rimjobs continues. Then Daniel slams a missionary-fuck into Josh. This sequence is great, with great camera angles as Josh spreads ‘em wide for Daniel. Then, standing, Jim fucks Brad. Charlie gets missionary-fucked by Daniel. Then Justin fucks Brad. Then Justin fucks Brad. Then everyone dumps their loads on Brad's torso.

"Splash Shots III: To the Hilt" is a more than worthy addition to the series. And, as mentioned earlier, it is astonishing that Jim Bentley looks as good (if not better) than he looked in the early-80s. What's even more impressive is that Falcon has shown restraint with this
excellent franchise, and hasn't produced countless follow-ups year after year. All in all, this was another outstanding effort from Falcon. Among the most successful elements was the variety of models -- from chocolate-brown bodybuilders to golden-haired beach boys to strapping collegiate types. What more could anyone want? Some of the handsomest men in America come together for some very vigorous sex. And the one who you'd never expect to take it up the ass winds up getting fucked at both ends of the flick.

This is a wonderfully easygoing flick with beautiful newcomers and various veterans. I will be watching this one over and over again for years to come -- it's bound to become yet another Falcon classic.
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