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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2015-05-15 |
This video can’t get any worse. Stinking shoes, socks and feet, rancid armpits and deadly farts. Master Titian, tortures his victim with this variety of flavours as his girlfriend has just dumped him because she can’t endure these smells anymore. She has found a new guy and Titian is furious. First the victim must worship his sneakers and the mud on their soles. Titian has had a bit too much to drink in his grief and slaps and beats the slave for not doing his job properly. He does manage to fill his slave’s mouth with phlegm though, in between the insults. Titian has removed his top by this time and the slave is ordered to remove his footwear using only his mouth. Helmut recoils at the terrible cloud of sock-stench and Titian is amused by it. Titian tells him that he must show how much he loves the smell and Helmut obliges and forces himself to lick and suck them while Titian grins. Helmut licks and sucks on his Master’s feet and obeys every single order that comes from his mouth. Titian jokes about the potential life-forms living in between his toes and orders the slave to lick them up. Next Helmut must clean up his Master’s toes with a nail file and what comes off on the file must be licked and ingested. Subsequently the slave must lie on the floor while Titian parks his feet on the slaves face and cuts his toenails so that the off clippings go straight down his throat. Of course, plenty of spit is donated to lubricate the passage of the toenails to the slave’s stomach. The humiliation only gets worse. The slave must lick and worship Titian’s sweaty armpits. But worse than that is when Titian plants his arse on the slave’s nose (having had a chilli con carne earlier) and unleashes the foul fart-smell all over his face. This video is as dirty as it gets. Titian is hurt by his girlfriend and uses his slave as the emotional punch bag that he is. Watch out for the face sitting scene with plenty of farts. Enjoy!
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