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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2011-08-20 |
21 years old
5ft 6 (1.67m)


Hot young footballers like Justin Edwards spend months training and preparing for a big match. There is an enormous amount of pressure on him to perform well on the field and when things don't go according to plan he loses his temper. This costs the Mancastle United team the game and their reputation. It's the board of directors' responsibility to keep hotheaded players like Edwards in check, teach him lessons in humility and ensure he's in top physical shape. After getting a red card he's brought straight from the field in his muddy football gear to be cross questioned and physically examined. These dominant clothed men teach a lesson to keep this wild ferocious athlete under control.
Edwards is all energy and spunk and no brains. After being thrown off the field he's so pepped up and furious it's like some untamed beast has stormed into the board room. But he knows better than to talk back to the board members. We tame him by making him stand before us while the chairman slides down his footy shorts to examine his muscular tanned body. With just a few strokes this sportsman's cock grows erect revealing that he's full of too much testosterone.
With the news that the match has been lost because of Justin's violent behaviour on the field, we're furious at this hot-headed young athlete. We conduct a thorough inspection to gauge his testosterone levels. Sure enough, after lightly tickling his balls and stroking his cock he has an erection and is dripping with precum. When his anus is inspected and penetrated he becomes so hard he nearly cums. By ramming a dildo far up his tight sphincter we teach him a lesson and keep this wild boy in check.
All that man on man contact on the field is liable to send the blood rushing to Justin's cock making him lose focus on the game. It's time to initiate some regular milking sessions to tame his wild sexual nature. We use his sweaty football sock to stroke his dick. All the while Justin has a petulant sneer on his face since he's used to being treated like a star. Here he's nothing but a animal that needs to be systematically drained and controlled.

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