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I'm a big fan of the new breed of intelligent gore flicks like "Hostel" and "Saw," films where the characters find themselves in unique predicaments and are forced to make grisly choices. Honestly, I'm a little wary of flicks where the nasty buttsex is fused with the imminent threat of disembowelment! But maybe it's just me. But the guys in "Rammer" don't seem to have any problem having explosive orgasms with the Grim Reaper's scythe poised to strike.

At the outset, we get acquainted with Rammer (Dividian), a twisted do-gooder masked as a deviant clown. Coulrophobics beware. Rammer's driven by a sort of Robin Hood mentality, determined to get revenge for guys who can't seem to get it for themselves, like Zackary Pierce. Zackary has been under Nick Horn's thumb, although the specifics are never revealed. With a little help from Rammer, Zackary has turned the tables, locking Nick in a room and outfitting him with a collar that can blow his head off his shoulders at Zackary's discretion. Thankfully, Zack's not out for blood, merely a payback fuck. He starts by having Nick clean his boots with his tongue, the entire episode monitored by Rammer through closed-circuit television. "Eat my feet, you dirty asshole," is Zackary's next directive, Nick making the perfunctory grimace before making Zack's toes sloppy. By the time Nick is forced to chow down on Zack's hole, the fun is definitely mutual. Flipped over, Zack's bush is wild and unkempt, a nice alternative to the shaved and plucked look. But Nick, a balding bear cub, is the scene's real hottie, especially his upturned ass, which is sporting some perfect tan lines. Zack definitely gets his pound of flesh during the revenge fuck. Zack gets off a nice facial, but it's Nick's double-handed jerk-off technique that's worth noting.

Todd Maxwell, one of my favorite big boys, is forced to confront his racism. Spirited away to the same industrial cage as the previous scene, he learns that he's been injected with a slow-acting, lethal poison. The only antidote available is in the hands of two powerful men of color, Ricky Martinez and Danger, neither of which is giving up the cure without being fully serviced in advance. They immediately turn down Todd's offer of cold cash in lieu of his hot mouth. So while the contaminate courses through his veins, Todd squats on the floor, bobbing between these two very well-hung assailants. There's plenty of Ricky Martinez's trademark aggressive dirty-talk here. I wavered between envying Todd and pitying the poor guy. Ricky barely gives him time to breathe and the pace of oral sex is particularly aggressive, even for a cocksucking pro like Todd. He's further humiliated when he's forced to rim Danger's meaty ass under Ricky's close scrutiny. By now, Todd has (thankfully) stripped down, perhaps in an effort to make the most of a deadly situation. At this point, Ricky rolls up onto his shoulders, ready for a really deep rimming and a little self-sucking. With the antidote still out of reach, he opens his ass for both men. Ricky Martinez is the star top here, a dude with a cock so big, he can have several inches buried with enough cock left over to wrap his fist around while he fucks. In the end, Todd gets his cure, but only after he gets off at Ricky's command.

Rather than seek out couples counseling, Scott Swann takes an unconventional route to get through to his lover, the fuzzy Jake Dakota. Kidnapped and thrown into the sling, Jake's isn't in any immediate peril. No poisons or shock collars are needed here; goodness knows that dealing with a partner with "bottoming issues" is perilous enough. Apparently, Scott is tired of being Jake's bottom bitch and wants a little more symmetry in their relationship. He summarily rips a hole in Jake's thin cotton drawers and sets upon a rather ruthless fuck. You know someone's got an axe to grind when they can't even be bothered with the little niceties like removing underwear. The best views are filmed from underneath, Scott's cock pistoning into Jake's hairy crack. All the traditional foreplay comes after Scott has completely taken charge of Jake's hole. But he's not off the hook. Still confined to the sling, Jake has few options when Scott sits on his face. It's either rim and breathe or refuse and suffocate. Once a little balance has been restored to their sex life, Scott's all too happy to slip back into familiar patterns, rimming and blowing a more subdued Jake.

Rammer brings it all together by penning four conservatively dressed young men (Brad Star, Tim Towers, Jake Nashwood and Austin Edwards) in a room and threatening them with nerve gas unless they correct their homophobic tendencies. Our mystery goblin is actually pretty imaginative, forcing the guys to choose between sniffing ripe jockstraps or sniffing the gas. He ups the ante, giving each of them 60 seconds to sit on a dildo without the benefit of lube. The grimaces and groans are a bit on the histrionic side, but the whole thing is fun to watch nonetheless. And as a bonus, Brad Star gets the biggest dildo. This is one session for which Rammer wants to get more personally involved. He abruptly enters the dungeon and strips out of the baggy jumpsuit and clown mask. But his identity still remains hidden behind some impressive leather drag, including a full hood. My first thought was, "Lookin' good for a psycho killer." This is one nutbag who finds time for the gym.

Rammer cranks up the intensity, supervising Tim's first cocksucking experience and Austin's first taste of sweaty ass. He carefully scrutinizes while Brad tops a very Italian-looking Jake (love the furry tummy) and Austin tops Tim, squeezing his cock through his leather jockstrap while he paces the floor. Finally Rammer leaves the periphery and plunders Brad Star while the others watch. I'll never tire of hearing Brad's frat boy grunts and groans while he gets boned, and for me, this was the most exciting fuck throughout. Somewhere along the way, the four men forget that the hooded dude in the room had threatened them with extermination. Everyone's fully in the swing of things, even Rammer himself who squats over Brad and rides his stiffie. (This would have been a fabulous opportunity to overpower their captor, but why ruin a good thing?) He's one of the first to blow his load, ominously nodding his approval as the others follow suit. The last chilling shots have our man back in his gruesome clown mask, beckoning the viewer to join him in the pitch blackness.

A DVD Review by Rick Forrent ( hXXp://www.ManNet.com )

*** Highly Recommended ***

Starring Dividian, Jake Dakota, Ricky Martinez, Todd Maxwell, Brad Star, Scott Swann, Zackary Pierce, Tim Towers, Danger, Jake Nashwood, Austin Edwards and Nick Horn.

Directed by John Bruno.
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