♺ GayWarGames - The Bastards 1-4 (2012)

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It was a quite sunny day in Tchukistan. Soldier called Radim is a fresh conscript and he wanted to enjoy a break of his basic education. But during some military drill Radim noticed a guy sitting and wanking his cock in a corner of the old barrack. He immediately informed about this to his officer and they together got overwhelmed the poor guy. They were very angry about guy was watching them training and jerking at the same time.
They interrogated him but the frightened guy just stuttered and was unable to say any word. So they took him inside the barrack for further conversation. Upon arrival they pushed him to the ground. Ivor, the officer, looked at the young recruit and they decided that they can have a bit fun with their prisoner. Radim got and order to kick the humble guy. Then they tied him to an old metal bed, ripped off his clothes piece by piece until the poor scared guy was became totally naked. Hmm what do you think will happen to him?

Poor guy Lestard still can´t believe and realize what is happening to him and his fresh body. How did he provoke those soldiers? What did he do to them? Soldier Radim is very aggressive one. With his mate Ivor he ties the victim to an old metal bed with ropes. Once bondage was ready the guys started to rip off Lestards clothes. At the same time they kicked his ass and chest with their heavy military boots.
Soldiers seem to be frustrated and want to have fun. Lestard cries for mercy. But there is no chance. They gagged him instead and undressed him completely. Guy was totally humiliated. Soldiers started to play with his cock and balls. They made some jokes about it. Then they started to fondle and touch him everywhere. The poor guy gets beaten and spanked. The soldiers started to torture the cock and the balls – tied them rudely with rope. For them it is nothing more but just an entertainment. One of the guys called Ivor slowly starts to get horny. The helpless victim and full control they have on him really turns those guys on…

Nobody will help Lestard. Nobody just can hear his screams and moans. Now there are only two soldiers who will decide his fate. The poor boy is still tied to the old metal bed in old barrack. His balls are bound and his hands are fixed. Soldiers had ripped of his clothes into pieces. The kinky officer enjoy to see his victim suffer.
Horny soldier Radim takes out his hard cock and give it to taste to Lestard. Boy obediently put it into his mouth. It is very disgusting. The soldier grabs the boy by his hair and rudely starts to face-fuck him. Lestard is gagging and choking. But Ivor, the officer, wants to see even more. He is pointed to the boy´s butthole. “Radim, fuck him already!”, – told Ivor. Lestard´s face is freezing in horrible terror. The recruit is acting as he was ordered. Besides he must obey when elder orders him. Radim turns around the prisoner´s body and tries to push his cock inside him. But there is no way to get in. So soldiers decided to take a huge dildo in order to make his hole widen at first…
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