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Here's a video that lives up to its boastful title! In addition to Rick Donovan (whose enormous cock is now well known), this film also has Dave Connors (whose cock may be less well known but is possibly even bigger!). The dongs on these two dudes tend to steal the show, bringing a lump to the throat and a tear to the eye, but they are merely the biggest in a big cast.

The premise of this Bill Harrison-directed (of Bijou fame) video has buddies Lee Ryder and Rod Phillips sharing reminiscences of their military experiences (including talking dirty) and jacking off together.

The flick starts with Marine drill sergeant Dave Connors ordering a guy to do push-ups and swallow his huge cock in order to get a weekend pass.

The film's centerpiece is a great three-way with sailors Jon King, Lee Ryder and mustached Rick Donovan. King gets in the middle and takes Donovan up the ass and Ryder down the throat. Jon's greedy sexuality is prime throughout, and his joy at getting fucking and sucking hard cock (he gets his faced slapped with Donovan's beefy member) are more than obvious! This scene alone is worth the price of the movie!

Later, a nude Marine is cleaning up Connors's boots. He is soon beating his own chest with Connors's rod and gets his ass plugged deep and to the fill. They later move to a cot to continue their ass-romping.

Some scenes involve military uniforms, cumming onto faces, and voyeurism.

"The Biggest One I Ever Saw is one of the hottest films of all time."... Manshots.

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