♺ Damn Hot Daddies playing wBoys Vol 10 0 [Mixed Clip Composite]

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♺ Damn Hot Daddies playing wBoys Vol 10.0 [Mixed Clip Composite]

The hottest D/SON torrent series continues with volume 10.0. This is a mixed scene DAMN HOT DADDIES w BOYS - VOLUME 7 compilation of 3 different sizzling intergenerational Daddies doin' the deed with their Bois - sans the clothing and behind closed doors. Most of the Daddies are bigger, hairy, types who are all beefed up and horned up for the tight younger boys ass. Three quintessential intimate, m2m, d2s encounters that always seem to happen when older men mix with younger boys, just as it has been happening going back through aeons of history to the beginning of civilization. 

I pulled these mixed vid clips together from GT.RU and from the web, edited out the boring parts and just left the juicy sexy parts for you to watch and jack on, man! Unfortunately they didn't come with titles or lists of actors, but I can tell you that their all well known Daddies and the scenes are VERY hot. in fact this WHOLE ENTIRE SERIES vol 1-20, is some of the hottest Dad/Son sizzling scenes I have EVER SEEN and/or ever dreamed about participating in...and I've nearly seen ALL the D/S clips around. These rock.. Enjoy!

3 different scenes. T.R.T. 00:56:20:01. .MOV Format Size: 3.01 GB

Scene 1
SEXY, SILVER DADDY Allen Silver getting supersensual and intimate with his younger boi. Their both very hot and bothered! Intensely romantic and awesome sexual chemistry

Scene 2:
Nice Daddy DOUBLE BOY TRIO. During a sleep over a young mans best friend decides to sneak into  his pal's father's bedroom to suck on some Daddy dick while Daddy's fast asleep. Dad soon wakes up from feeling the sensation of a young boy's warm mouth on his cock, then decides he up for that am even mor action from his son's curious young friend. After they have some steamy moments together, the Father's real son walks in on the sexy scene with his father doing his best friend. Good old horny Dad convinces his shocked son to join in on the fun. They both go for a wild ride on Dad's nice long cock.

Scene 3:
Ever dreamed or hear about sex with an ecclesiastical authority figure before? Well is so, then this scene is right up your alley. A young man confides in Brother Thomas who has a big bulge under his robe. Soon Brother and the boy are fondling and sucking on each others dicks, etc. etc. They both will need to go to confession after this encounter.

♺ Damn Hot Daddies playing wBoys Vol 1-20

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