Peter de Rome

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DescriptionPeter de Rome viewed eroticism as involving more than just sex. Sexual consummation is rarely the centrepiece of a de Rome film. He is far more interested in the full experience of intimacy - the longing, the pursuit, the passion, the afterglow, and in some cases, the aftermath. The eight shorts in the series take the viewer on a lurid sexual expedition designed to do more than titillate. From humorous to sardonic, de Rome truly pushes the edge of filmmaking as his characters find themselves in surreal scenarios ranging from a wondrous garden setting to an underground subway. Almost 40 years later The erotic films of Peter de Rome remains one of the most highly regarded gay art films of its day - a classic example of the intersection of artistry and eroticism ... (British Film Institute)

films directed by Peter de Rome; almost his entire filmography; country: United States (if not stated otherwise); language (where necessary) English; no descriptions as they are not needed (640x480; 25 fps)

all his shorts:
• Scopo (1966) - IMDB tt2322567
• Double exposure (1969) - IMDB tt2322427
• Moulage (1971) - IMDB tt2347457
• Hot pants (1971) - IMDB tt2342139
• Fire Island kids, The (1971) - IMDB tt0218241
• Encounter (1971) - IMDB tt0217433 (not included / not found)
• Underground (1972) - IMDB tt2347565
• Second coming, The (1972) - IMDB tt2347549
• Prometheus (1972) - IMDB tt2347565
• Mumbo Jumbo (1972) - IMDB tt2347459
• Green thoughts (1972) - IMDB tt2347385
• Daydreams from a crosstown bus (1972) - IMDB tt2347323
• Destroying angel, The (1976) - IMDB tt0216690 (not included / not found)
• Brown study (1979) - IMDB tt2347305
• In heat (1986) - IMDB tt0944207 (not included / not found)

feature film:

• Adam & Yves (1974) - directed by: Peter de Rome; country: United States; IMDB tt0209893 - original English, French with NO subtitles; description is included PDF file (English); size 426x320 - sorry; a restored version will be posted as soon as available


• Fragments - the incomplete films of Peter de Rome (2012) - directed by: Ethan Reid; country; United Kingdom
A documentary about Peter de Rome, shot in New York, where the British gay erotic film maker has lived since the 1950s. Peter reveals that he was captivated by Hollywood and its stars from childhood. He first worked as an actor in repertory theatre and then as a film publicist, a job that took him to the US. While involved in the civil rights movement in the 1960s he bought his first 8mm camera and began making short erotic films, many of them featuring men of colour. He was one of the first gay pornographic film makers at a time when such material was illegal. A guest at one of the private parties where Peter showed his films was producer Jack Deveau, who encouraged Peter to blow up eight of his films to 16mm and release them as The Erotic Films of Peter de Rome. Peter tells us that many of his films were left unfinished or were projects he did not develop. We see extracts from such previously unseen films as Wet and Wild (1964), Violation and The Fire Island Story (1965), Scopo and ... (David McGillivray - IMDB)

IMDB tt2306541 - original English with NO subtitles (640x360; 25 fps)

• Peter de Rome - grandfather of gay porn (2014) trailer
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