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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2013-12-13 |
3 clips, featuring: precum leaking; ball sucking; cum eating; extensive post-orgasm sucking; cum used as lube.

In this collection the downloader will find all three scenes from SUCKoffGUYS in which Taylor Hamilton appears: Double Load From Taylor Hamilton; Sucking Off Taylor Hamilton; and Kyle's Cum Covered Face.

Double Load From Taylor Hamilton:

We had a great time shooting with 21 year old Taylor; he’s young, he’s hot, he has a full man-bush, and he gets super ROCK hard. Starting out, we had Taylor lying on the bed stroking his cock and showing off his tight body. After some self tugging, Taylor teases Aaron by squeezing out a good amount of hot clear pre-cum. Taylor with his throbbing cock was really ready for a blowjob. Almost as soon as Aaron put his lips to Taylor’s dick, he was spewing cum all over the place including Aaron’s mouth. Aaron had a nice time sucking up all the cum and continued sucking on Taylor’s dick making sure it was nice and drained. 1st load down! Once Taylor was recharged and ready shoot off another load, Aaron went in for the kill. We thought it was good that Taylor lay back and relax for the second half. Aaron went to work, Taylor got really hard again. Thankfully this BJ lasts longer then the first. You really get some great shots of Aaron working over Taylor’s cock and seeing Taylor’s great facial expressions too! Taylor said that he was getting close and instructed Aaron to keep doing what he was doing and “he’ll come again”. Aaron obeyed and was rewarded with a second spunk ejaculation. This was a great shoot and we’ll be bringing you more of Taylor Hamilton very soon.

Sucking Off Taylor Hamilton:

Taylor Hamilton is a 21 year-old super serious acting young stud who sought us out wanting to perform for our sites. Taylor lives with his girlfriend and told us he’s never been with a guy sexually in any way before but thought he could make it work. After meeting Taylor, we knew he’d be a great guy to work with and thought we’d give him a shot. Taylor has never performed on video before and was a bit nervous at first. He starts out stroking his cock and showing off his nice natural bush, great cock & excellent set of balls. After getting himself hard, he was ready for Seth’s mouth. Seth starts out sucking on Taylor’s hairy nuts. We just love when guys leave a bit of natural nut sack hair. It’s so rare now days… Taylor really seemed to like when Seth’s mouth reached his cock. You can see as Seth’s lips hit the tip of his cock, Taylor’s cock throbs. Seth continues giving Taylor some nice sucking action as Taylor moans and gives a few “oh yah’s”. Taylor keeps telling Seth to “suck that dick”, and suck he did. Seth was so into Taylor’s cock that he had to whip out his own dick too. When Taylor saw Seth jacking his own cock, he starts to throb really hard and gets even harder than before. This was all it took for Taylor’s cock got super hard. At that point his dick was so hard it was pointing almost straight up in the air. Seth knows the time is close and starts using his hand along with his mouth to stroke Taylor’s rock hard dick. Taylor shoots a nice thick load straight into Seth’s mouth. Some of the jizz lands on Seth’s face and drips down his chin and all over his shirt. Seth grabs some of the cum and uses it as lube as he continues to jack his dick. Taylor really seemed to like that Seth continued to suck and deep throat him even after he shot his load. Seth was so horny after the jizz Taylor fed him; he blew a really huge load! We had a great time working with Taylor and we are sure he’ll be back for more. Thanks for watching.

Kyle's Cum Covered Face:

In this update, we have the young & straight 21 year old Taylor Hamilton blasting a huge cum load on the face of expert cocksucker Kyle Daggett. Taylor has a fantastic rock hard dick, nice suckable balls and beautiful full bush. Kyle starts out by getting into Taylor’s pants and finding Taylor’s chubby. Both guys get naked and almost instantly Taylor was sporting wood. Kyle really gets into blowing Taylor and takes his time with His fantastic dick. Taylor was so excited that he had a really hard time keeping from blowing his load; we actually had to stop a few times to prevent an early cum explosion. Pre-cum starts dripping from Taylor’s dick head and this really gets Kyle horny. He grabs his own cock and starts jacking while sucking Taylor’s cock. The taste of Taylor’s pre-cum and the thought of having this young straight dude shooting a big load of sperm in his face really kept Kyle excited and hard. Taylor can’t hold back any longer and tells Kyle he’s going to cum. Cum he did and in a huge way! Globs of fresh white semen fly from Taylor’s dick and land smack in the middle of Kyle’s face. Kyle positioned himself perfectly to make sure he got Taylor’s entire load on his face.

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