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DescriptionPerfect Fit
Chuck sent me a very nice application email politely thanking me for considering him. I nearly fell out my chair when I saw the pictures and immediately emailed him back. At 6'4" and 290, Chuck is just the type of guy most appreciated here.

2nd Look
Here's another treat for all you bear lovers out there. Chuck is back and as big as ever. You may have noticed last time that he has an unusual technique for pleasing himself. it involves a lot of slow pulling and tugging. It's so unusual, I think it's the only time I've ever seen it. He does it again this time but changes it up with an explosive no hands cum shot.

Bear Fuck
here's a lot of beef in this one. Red headed bear Cain is back to do a little bottoming for for huge Chuck. As one good turn deserves another, Chuck also takes a ride on Cain's big dick. To make things a little more intimate, I did the filming in a soft light and didn't stop the action for still photos.

Fucking Chuck
Marcelo isn't the tallest guy, but, he isn't the shortest either. Pairing him here with Chuck shows off pretty well how big Chuck is. For a bit of a change from what you usually see, it's the big guy who bottoms here. Although he does give it his best shot, Marcelo still has a ways to go before he gets really good at gay sex. I left in a little direction I gave on how to suck dick, etc., so you'll get to see that part as well as what his response is. As for Chuck, he takes it like a man!

Help a Bear Out
Two of this site's favorite bears are here this week for some fun. The guys were supposed to be pleasuring themselves but just couldn't keep their hands and lips off of each other. Chuck as usual took a while to reach his intense cumshot while Jared was able to pop off two good ones. I think it can be said a good time was had by all.

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TGS231 - Bear Fuck - Chuck and Cain West.wmv 341.00 MB
TGS239 - Fucking Chuck - Marcello & Chuck.wmv 389.85 MB
TGS316 - Help a Bear Out - Chuck and Jared.wmv 253.17 MB

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