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Philippe is the bad seed of the family. Especially at his stepbrother Philippe, he knows his place. Yaro is only 18 years old, which means he is actually a bit younger than Philippe. But this doesn‘t stop him from enslaving his stepbrother and degrades him into his shoe- and feet licking slave.

In this video you get to see how Yaro treats his stepbrother. When Philippe comes home and kindly says hello, his stepbrother immediately pushes him on the floor. Philippe gets kicked and trampled very hard. Yaro simply loves torturing his stepbrother and treats him like dirt. Philippe already knows his place and doesn‘t resist any longer. 

“Come on, lick my shoes!“ Philippe is forced to kneel down and has to lick his brother‘s white adidas sneakers. When Philippe lies on the back, Yaro steps on him. One foot rests on the victim‘s belly, the other one on his face. Then he raises his foot a bit, in order to make his slave lick the dirt off the sole.

Yaro insists on being addressed as “Master“ by his stepbrother. He better not forget that as well as  being too slow in licking shoes. Yaro immediately beats him mercilessly, when he is not satisfied. In this video, Philippe really has caught a bad day. Yaro beats and smacks him over and over again and some of the punches are really painful. He gets frequently spat on as well. Sometimes it covers his face, sometimes he has to open his mouth, so that his stepbrother can directly spit into it.         

Yaro‘s feet really sweat in their white socks and so Philippe is ordered to take off the right shoe at first. He in confronted with a stinking odour. “Kiss my feet!“, Yaro demands. Philippe‘s lips touch the white fabric of the sock. Stinging, cheesy smell comes up his nose. It nearly has a narcotic effect - which makes it easier for the victim. Next, Philippe has to lie down on the couch so that Yaro can simply kick and stomp him. The young master knows no mercy. Trampling is his speciality.   

After this painful round of trampling, Philippe has to go on all fours. Yaro wants to ride through the apartment on his stepbrother‘s back. He enjoys humiliating his victim in this way.

After finishing this little ride, Yaro demands a proper pedicure. Philippe has to use his tongue to remove all the sweat from Yaro‘s bare feet. By hard face slaps, the victim is forced to suck on the toes and lick off the dirt which sticks between them. With a mixture of arrogance and contempt, Yaro closely observes how Philippe struggles to lick the feet cheese and swallow it down. 
Here is what many of our BMB-fans have been waiting for: Philippe is a new, but above all, a good-looking and really young slave. In this video he performs as victim of Master Yaro, who apparently enjoys tormenting and humiliating a nearly same aged. Young master, young slave - a perfect mixture!
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