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Fistpack 09 - Stretch

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DescriptionDavid Hempling is a fisting expert - that is why he originally came to work for Chris Ward. Finally, after many years of toil, Chris let David direct his own fisting feature and suddenly a new star fisting director is born! Stretch, his first masterful effort, is a showcase for stunning fisting action between some of the hottest men on earth. Francois Sagat can't keep his mind on his bicep curl workout once Alex Corsi starts in on his squats. Francois peals off Alex's sweats and dives right in to eating the prime Italian stud's red jock framed hairy hole. It's not long before Alex is on all fours, wagging his furry ass in the air, inviting Francois to open him up with grease. Francois works the hot stud's hole up to his massive forearm while Alex wraps his hands around the now famous uncut French cock. Hairy, muscled bottom and smooth rippling muscled top joined at the hole and wrist - their eyes devouring each other - causing Francois to blow his creamy load. Over on the wrestling mat, Taurus, in tight blue singlet, and Julien Arnaud, in red, appear evenly matched. They twist and writhe under each other's grappling holds, working up a sweat whose scent drives each wild. Taurus pushes Juliens's head down to his hard, throbbing cock and then pulls Julien's sweet little ass to his wet, darting, tongue. Julien straddles Taurus on the mat, enthusiastically sucking uncut cock while Taurus probes the boy's eager, hungry hole. Julien wants more and quickly slides down to ride Taurus's cock, pinning Taurus's hips to the mat. The two fuck in five more ass probing positions, each one opening the hairless bottom's most fuckable ass more and more. Taurus's hands finally get to swim in Julian's quivering hole which opens as wide as the broad, sexy smile on Julian's face. A rigorous fisting session ensues. Julien's legs up over his head, Taurus finally blows his load all over the well worked hole. Back in the gym, creamy red head Tim Rusty pumps away at the preacher curl while Joey O'Bryan works his leg lifts. Brandon Aguilar has a different kind of workout in mind when he enters the gym. He breaks open his bag and shows off his toy collection. Quickly pealing off his tight green shorts and sliding down on a long black dildo, Brandon gives Tim and Joey an unexpected eyeful as he rides in full view. Tim and Rusty can't continue their workouts. Brandon's show is just too tempting. Joey strips down first and spots Brandon, feeding the long dildo into his eager ass eventually working it fast and rough. Rusty soon joins in, finding the perennial porn favourite Bam rubber dong in Brandon's bag. Nothing is more beautiful than the sight of that big, fat, brown, veined dong splitting Tim's Rusty beautiful, creamy, peach fuzzed ass. Tim soon joins in the toy ride fest and the three treat us to a butt splitting bounce fest. These are all Pro toy riders to be sure! Tim takes the centre, giving his demanding hole over to Joey's expert hands while he sucks down Brandon's cock. The more hard cock sides down one end, the more Joey's arm slides down the other. Brandon laps his tongue over Tim's extended butt hole while he rides Joey's wrist. Tim is clearly in hog heaven! Soon Brandon gets down in all fours beside Tim and the two each ride Joey's hands, side by side. No hole goes unfilled as Joey rides a big red horn toy while he works two holes at once. In a ball busting climax, Tim hangs wide open from the gym leg lift equipment, legs out stretched, quivering ass splayed wide. Joey fists that inviting hole while stroking his own hard cock. The sight of Tim's beautifully worked hole makes bust his nut in spectacular admiration. Cast: Francois Sagat, Alex Corsi, Taurus, Julien Arnaud, Tim Rusty, Joey O'Bryan, Brandon Aguilar
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