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DescriptionAnthony's Sensory Deprived Edging Audition

Anthony is a 28 year old gay grad student looking to make some extra
money for school, and also looking to explore his kinky side.  He's 6' tall.
185lbs, handsome with a nice dick and strong, muscular legs.  Rich
blindfolded him and placed earphones with music on him to deprive him
of all sensory input but the feel of his magic hands, then proceeded to give
him a slow, teasing hand job.  Tony was unaware of his whimpering moans
and groans as Rich gently stroked his hard cock.  Rich uses a pocket pussy
in the head of Tony's cock and has him thrusting and writhing in ecstasy,
then uses his stop and start stroke to get him moaning even louder as he
becomes desperate to cum.  When he's ready to finish him off, Rich delivers
a continuous stroke as Tony, moans, twists and whimpers in a state of
demented pleasure until he pops into the air in a loud and intense orgasm.

Uncomfortable, Shy. Straight Guy

Nox is a 32 year old, straight, 6'4" and 200 lbs, an unemployed "union worker"
who is desperate for cash to support his family and willing to do what was
previously unthinkable.  He's going to be jerked off by a man.  He's nervous
and shy, in fact he called to cancel but Rich was able to put him at ease and
he finally came in.  Rich enjoyed this one, being the first to handle a nervous
straight guy's cock.  His anxiety and embarrassment were a real turn on.  Nox
has a lean, smooth body and a nice cock, but it took Rich a bit of time to get
him hard, having to overcome his discomfort with the situation.  He did
become hard in Rich's hand and tried very hard to get off, but just couldn't
overcome the fact that it was a man playing with his dick.  But Rich liked
the guy and admired his devotion and responsibility for his family and in the
end allowed Nox to get himself off, shooting a load into the air and
on his stomach and chest.

Slow Slow Strokes

Rich has Garrett tied spread eagle to a bed and delivers one of his
slowest handjobs yet.  Garrett thrusts his hips in rhythm to Rich's
strokes, gasping and moaning while Rich licks his body and sucks
on his nipples, tormenting him with his frustrating handjob.  He really
has poor Garrett dancing in his restraints as he struggles to increase
the pace enough to shoot his load.  Rich denies his desperate requests
to cum twice, he hasn't finished torturing his captive yet.  He starts
his torturous, stop and go stroking, five, then ten at a time, and Garrett
is desperate.  He uses the frustrating technique to bring Garrett over
the edge in a loud, wild and satisfying orgasm.

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