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DescriptionAmerican twinks spanked hard.
Each scene come with three files. One file is the final edited, clip, another file is the footage behind the scenes (bts in the file name), and finally, there is a file with the producer's commentary (comm in the file name).

If you only wish to see the final edited scene, you can skip the additional files.

Title: Auditions Introducing Gino
Description: Much like we did with Chris, and to some extent Danny, we invited our newest prospect, Gino, to come for an official audition session on camera. Here we put Gino to the test, administering three short, but realistic spankings with three different classic implements; a wooden fraternity paddle, rattan school cane, and leather razor strap.

Title: Welcome to the Team
Description: It's Gino's 1st day on the soccer team and after a big win the assistant coach comes to the locker room to meet Gino and welcome him to the team. Upon learning that it's also Gino's 20 birthday, he finds it's an ideal time to also introduce Gino to the traditional team birthday ritual!

Title: City Boy
Description: Back home in the big city Gino isn't used to having to do any real work around the house, so when he visits a relative's ranch for the 1st time, his big city attitude needs to be cut down to size the old fashioned way...out in the woodshed!

Title: Scenes from the Punishment Room
Description: In our 4th installment of this series, it's Gino's turn in The Punishment room!

Title: Frat House Discipline 3
Description: Gino has been slacking and got a substandard grade on one of his midterm exams. The fraternity expects much better from their members, and so Gino gets a week's disciplinary probation and some punitive action from his big bro with the frat paddle.

Title: Countryboy Discipline
Description: Gino thinks he's getting old enough not to have to do everything he's told. He also thinks that he's too old for a bare-butt whipping in the woodshed. But Gino soon learns that he isn't as old as he thinks he is!

Title: Trouble for Gino
Description: "If you're going to act like a little boy, that's exactly how I'm going to treat you!". hat's the message Gino gets in this video - first on his gym shorts and then bare-butt - with the hairbrush!

Title: Hoisted and Spanked: 11
Description: After a two-year absence Gino is back, continuing this popular series in the Punishment Room.

Title: Bound and Tanned
Description: This time Gino gets bound up in the barn for a sharp tanning with a multi-thonged riding crop!

Title: Final Caning
Description: Gino is moving on, so for this last video we sat down and talked with him at length about his experiences here and elsewhere, and then gave him the caning he somehow managed to previously avoid during his time here.

Title: After School Discipline
Description: Given a choice of either in-school detention or a paddling, Gino chose the latter. So after class he reports to the Dean of Discipline's office for his dose of old fashioned punishment with the wood paddle!

Title: Home For The Holidays
Description: After a four year absence, Gino returns for the holidays. We sat down to chat with him first, then gave him "The Twelve Strokes of Christmas" with the Christmas Cane.

Title: Real Spankings
Description: Gino shows you what it's like to get a "Real Spanking", bare-butt, with a hefty wood paddle with holes, bent over the back of the living room sofa!

Title: The Switch
Description: Gino in the barn, up close with the Switch!

Title: The Spanking Bench
Description: In this visually stylish scene without dialog, Gino gets strapped down over the Spanking Bench for a stinging dose of the 3-fingered leather strap.

Title: Saddle Strap
Description: Gino gets bent over in the barn and feels the burn of the Saddle Strap on his bare butt. No dialog.

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