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Red Moon Video
Dean Spencer
Connor Davis
Anthony Vega
Matt West
Kyle McKenna
Sam Dixon
Joe Romero 

Smacked Red features three hot, new faces in an all star cast with plenty of red-hot spanking and red-hot sex.
In scene one Dean Spencer wants some serious spanking, finds Connor Davis in the classified ads and phones him. Davis comes over and right off spanks Spencer into submission wearing latex gloves, and leaving him begging for more. Spencer's hole, hot from spanking , is then invaded by Davis' fingers, then ravaged by large dildos. Spencer is spanked, used and abused until hecan't take any more and finally blows an awsome load from his huge uncut cock.
In scene two, Anthony Vega and Sean Dickson cruise each other in the locker room after a hot workout at the gym. Vega begs to be plowed by Dickson's monster cock, but Dickson refuses unless he can spank Vega's hot ass. Vega reluctantly agrees because of his lust to feel Dickson's hot meat up his tight hole. Dickson makes Vega scream and wince from a hot hand spanking. Finally Vega gets what he wants, a fucking until cum covers the locker room floor.
Newcomers Sam Dixon and Matt West appear together for the first time. Bad guy Matt West iscaught breaking into a building by officer Sam Dixon. Feeling that West needs some reforming, Dixon feeds West his own kind of law enforcement. Dixon brings West inside the building and reprimands West with his hand first, and then his billyclub. After teaching him toshow respect for the law, Dixon gets thanked by receiving an expert cocksucking, on his big fat prick.
Finally, slave pig bottom Kyle McKenna is taught a lesson in master Joe Romero's dungeon. McKenna's ass is worked over by Romero's expert spanking. Once his ass is nice and tender, Romero beats his aching hole with his throbbing hard cock. McKenna begs and pleads with master Romero to keep plugging his needy hole until he blows his load on his chest.
Smacked Red, directed by Steven Walker, will give you night after night of hand spanking action. 75 minutes.
2010-10-13 04:34:31
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