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First Crush

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DescriptionDirectors Tony Alizzi and Rick Tugger's Fresh Cut is a total winner. Whether you prefer thick, juicy beef to be dangling from a smooth and muscled Adonis, from a gruff and furry daddy type or from a lean, ripped twinkie boy, there’s something for everyone in this decidedly sweaty spurt-fest.

Drop-dead-gorgeous cover boy Chip Nicolas and lean, big dick’d Johnny Doom get things off to a throbbing, gushing start as they each perform a solo whack off, separately fantasizing about a group of hotties playing basketball.

Muscled and smooth and delicious as a gooey wet dream, Chip strokes his mouth-watering meat on his bed, sneaks occasional glances of his own hotness in a nearby mirror, winks his hairless button hole towards the camera while humping his bedsheets and, eventually, launches a thick sticky-rocket all over his perfectly sculpted torso.

Next we watch a shower threesome between tattoo’d muscle hunk Rhett O’Hara, buff boyish stud Chris Bolt (who vaguely resembles Chris Klein from American Pie) and cute, uncut sexpot Bret Wolfe. Bret aggressively blows both hunks in the shower, then lines up their asses in the locker room so he can rim ’em side by side. Then, as Bret chugs on Chris’ dangling manliness, Rhett power fucks Bret, his big nutsack slamming against Bret’s lithe ass.

Up next is a daddy/boy-slash-teacher/student daydream romp, in which muscle-and-beef daddy Marc West disciplines puppydog-cute boy toy Trent Austin. After some spanking and fingering on the desk, Trent kneels, peels off Marc’s tight white briefs and swallows the big flesh tool that flops out. Marc makes creative use of his tie as a makeshift cockring, wrapping it around Trent’s shaft and nuts. Soon, Marc is plowing Trent atop the desk and both deliver a creamy payload. Best image: a standing sixty-nine, during which Mark suspends Trent upside down, with Trent’s legs wrapped around Mark’s neck, his lean body supported by Marc’s tight bear hug wrapped around Trent’s waist. It’s quite yummy - can’t wait to try this one myself!

We meet up with Johnny Doom and Chris Bolt, who make out and suck cock and eat ass with fiery passion. As these two hung hotties sixty-nine each other, we’re treated to the spectacular sight of Chris’s huge, dangling balls resting heavily on Johnny’s face as Johnny deep chokes Chris’ cock and fingers Chris’ puckering hole. A more throb-worthy image comes during the fucking portion of their romp: as Chris rides Johnny’s lengthy condom-wrapped shaft, the latex ring is obscured up inside Chris’ cheeks, giving viewers the brief illusion of barebacking.

Finally we’re inside the lush Beverly Hills mansion of a studly action movie star (Jason Branch, ever the muscular, butch stud fuck). Jason has picked up a dim-witted platinum-haired twink (cute Scott Craven) and now it’s time for some idle chat, a few rounds of slurpy dick sucking and ass rimming and, of course, a power fuck session that begins on the lower steps of Jason’s stairway and ends up, step by step, up on the second floor.

The sex is sweaty and sticky, the combustion between each duo (and trio) is sizzling and the camerawork, editing and music are all top-notch. My only quibble is the misleading lure of stunningly hot coverboy Chip Nicolas, who turns up only in his one solo masturbatory session. Hopefully we’ll get to see this astonishingly luscious dream hunk shove that lovely cock of his into a sexy boy’s tight hole soon. Or, gasp, vice-versa.
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