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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2012-12-28 |
Layover - Los Angeles, Vol 1 features a young cast of eight that sure knows how to make the most of their LA layover.
Headlining this new entry in the Jocks Roadshow series, is Christian Wilde who is a wild and crazy guy indeed. Whether alone or partnered up, Christian knows how to manhandle himself, especially with Darin and then Beau Marcus helping him out. And then there are two more sin-sational scenes: the first with Jayden Grey, Mario Costa and James Gates busting outta the gates suckin' and then fuckin' like stallions; and the second with Brayden James grapplin' around Justin Cox, both of them wrasslin' and grabbin' onto whatever they can to make this venture fruitful and fun.

Christian Wilde and Darin start off a bit tentatively but soon get into the same rhythm. They undress each other, kissing and groping along the way. Christian plants soulful kisses on Darin's pierced nipples and works his way down to his crotch where he goes to town on his cock. They switch it up and Darin is on his knees nursing on Christian's spear. Eager to start fucking, Christian gets behind his new friend and screws him up the ass. Darin then lies back on the couch with his legs up and his ass more accessible for Christian's cock-pumping action and both guys now spent and ready, enthusiastically blow their wads.

Braden James and Justin Cox are two young dudes chompin' on the bit but so eager to play hide the sausage with each other. Braden is the first to go down on Justin's cock which looks huge in the afternoon light. Then they switch places so Justin can feast on his buddy's cock. He next digs in with his tongue to rim his asshole. Justin's buffed tanned body is the perfect compliment to Braden's fair frame as they press close and start to fuck. The guys rock back and forth, copulating like two dogs in heat. Justin continues the backdoor attack with Braden lying down with his legs spread wide apart. Justin slides his man rammer in and deep while Braden jacks himself off and cums. Braden finishes by masturbating himself to climax and then spritzes his man cream all over.

Christian Wilde pairs up with Beau Marcus, both of them looking relaxed as they just lounge around. But they're both really anxious to get things going. Beau de-pants Christian and starts working on his cock, licking the shaft and teasing the dickhead with his tongue. He then tries to engulf the entire slab of meat. Wanting his share of lunch, Christian goes down on Beau, clamping his lips around his dick. His head bobs up and down, fast then slow, as he slobbers away. Beau then rims Christian's asshole, taking long, slurpy licks along the crack. Energized to the max, Christian finally fucks Beau so hard and fast that neither can hold back any longer and they shoot their loads.

Jayden Grey is one lucky fellow. He's got Mario Costa and James Gates flanking him, both of them sporting uncut cocks ready to double-team him. Jayden starts with Mario's horse dick then turns to James. Both their pricks are so yummy that Jayden's having a hard time pivoting his head from one to the other to savor both slabs of meat. Then the trio twist and gyrate themselves into different positions and combinations so James can suck and fuck Jayden, prepping his butt crack for Mario's monster cock to take over. The interaction intensifies until all three finally shoot and cum before collapsing in a heap.

Christian Wilde is the man of the hour, featured in three scenes on this hot new Jocks release. In this solo outing, Christian soaks up the afternoon sun, with nothing to do but play with himself. He grips his fat cock and starts to pleasure himself. Eyes closed, biting and licking his lower lip, he strokes away. He even fingers his hole and jiggles his nut sack until he finally explodes, spewing his warm white cream all over himself.

Starring: Beau Marcus, Brayden Jaymes, Christian Wilde, Darin, James Gates, Jayden Grey, Justin Cox, Mario Costa.

Director: Peter Romero.

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