B C Productions - Once Upon a Time in New York 3

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Once Upon a Time in New York 3
distributor B.C. Productions
Chocolate Cream released 2007 length 80
category General Hardcore
studio B.C. Productions
rating out of 4 non rated
produced 2007
location U.S.
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director Marvin Jones
Bam Bam (black)
Dre (bc1)
J.T. (lfc)
Remy Mars
Rock (black2)
The Robber
source: promotional material
Yeah...I know you've heard the old saying, when in New York you do what the fuck you want to. But cum check out how this thick dick, country thug rips tight assholes wide open and takes no prisoners.
scenes /
loops /
source: promotional material
1. Rock (black2) OrgAt, Dre (bc1) OgrAb
Then, Rock shows Dre a room that he's renting, but Dre also checks Rock out. Rock gets on his knees and blows Dre's dick, then Dre does the same to Rock. Rock tops Dre from behind and then Dre sits on Rock's dick for the two to bust a nut.
[Rock (white baseball cap, "ROCK" tattoo on right deltoid) sucks Dre (black baseball cap with yellow stripes and a white NY logo, big tattoo on right deltoid and inside right forearm, white right wristband, left metal bracelet); then on a purple bed, Dre sucks Rock; Rock tops Dre.]
found in compilation Diggin' Deep (RandomSex)
found in compilation Bring It!!!: Old School

2. Remy Mars OgAbRr, Rock (black2) OrAtRg
Rock (chunky, soft build, many tattoos, tiger inside left forearm) sees Remy Mars (small, slim, round tattoo on left shoulder blade)  j.o.'ing on the landing and joins him there; Remy sucks Rock; Rock rims and tops Remy over the bannister and on the floor; Remy rides on Rock.
found in compilation One Way In
found in compilation Cream of the Crop 2 (ChocolateCream)
found in compilation The Hole Thing
found in compilation Legendary Bottoms
found in compilation Legendary Tops
found in compilation The Mating Game
found in compilation Some Times You Feel Like a Nut
found in compilation Back In Da Day

3. The Robber OgAb, Rock (black2) OrAt
On a bed with a flower-print cover, up against a white fireplace in a yellow wall, The Robber (black do-rag, blue bandanna over his face) sucks Rock (fleshy build, "ROCK" tattoo on right upper arm, tiger tattoo inside left forearm); Rock tops The Robber in a couple of positions; The Robber rides on Rock.
found in compilation Stick Up Kids
found in compilation Shut Up and Take Dis Dick
found in compilation Lecture Halls

4. J.T. (lfc) OgAbRr, Rock (black2) OrRg
On a dark blue bed with a blue pillow, no headboard, up against a white mantel piece, J.T. (light brown, bushy hair, mustache and goatee, wing tattoos on back, rose tattoo on sacrum) sucks Rock (black) (dark brown, stocky, strip of tattooing on upper left arm, large tattoo on upper right arm including "ROCK"); Rock rims and tops J.T
found in compilation Re-Tail Updates

5. Haze OgAb, Bam Bam (black) OrAt
On a tan bed without a headboard, in a room with dark brown wood paneled walls, white baseboards, and tan hangings, Haze (red NY baseball  cap, black shirt, shaved head) sucks  Bam Bam (cornrows, white shirt, muscles); Bam Bam tops Haze.
found in compilation The Best of Haze
found in compilation Stick & Move
found in compilation Cop That Joint
found in compilation Freshman Friday
found in compilation Harlem Thugs 1
found in compilation If You Want It, Take It
found in compilation More New Kids on the Block

action notes:
O=Oral; A=Anal; R=Rim; g=give; r=receive; b=bottom; t=top;
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