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Raging Stallion: Suited for Sex

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Angelo Marconi, Dominic Sol, Jesse Santana, Marc Dylan, Shay Michaels, Steve Vex, Tom Wolfe

Anal, Bodybuilder, Butt Play, Cum Shots, Fetish, Hairy, Masturbation, Oral, Rimming, Spitting

The business plan is clear for our horny executive team. They arefocusing on massive opportunities. They partner up to shoot for thebig payoff, and not only do they increase their assets, they quicklyliquidate them -- all over each other. This suited team discovers thatthe best way to get their business done is to dress down, let it allhang out and work on each other. With stocks like Exclusives TomWolfe and Jesse Santana in this portfolio, you're guaranteed to seehuge dividends by investing in this sex-filled enterprise.

Businessman Tom Wolfe has cleared his calendar for a morning trystwith hunky associate Angelo Marconi. The two get down to businesswith Angelo nibbling Tom's tits and kissing his hairy torso. He thenreaches inside the big guy's trousers to free his cock and sucks it allthe way down, almost gagging on its enormity. Before long, Tom isgreedily rimming Angelo's hot tight hole, his tongue digging deepinside the crack. Having primed and prepped it sufficiently, Tom is upfor a bigger merger and he fucks Angelo's ass, working his thick cockin faster and harder with every forceful thrust. Begging for more,Angelo climbs aboard and rides his colleague's tool. They twist intodifferent positions and continue screwing until Angelo blasts his loadacross his abs. Tom withdraws and seals the deal shooting his loadup across his exhausted partner's pecs.

Back in the office Tom Wolfe decides to lunch in. Today's menufeatures Shay Michaels' ass so Tom spreads the fuzzy ass cheeksapart, buries his face in between the round mounds and digs in. Afterpiercing the hole with his tongue and fingers, Tom turns Shay aroundand wolfs down his juicy cock. Then it's Shay's turn to feed and heswallows Tom's big dick, struggling a bit to get the job done. The menget in position and start 69ing before Tom mounts his bondedemployee from behind and fucks him hard. Shay grimaces andgroans, aching for more. He then straddles the big boss, stretchinghis hole open to skewer himself easily onto Tom's pole. He venturesup and down the sturdy shaft, jacking himself off until he creamsTom's hairy chest with his cum. And Tom compensates by yanking hiscrank until he climaxes, squeezing out every milky drop of hiscollateral load all over Shay.

Dominic Sol is quick to prove his cred as the company's bigcocksucker so letting Jesse Santana hold onto the back of his head,he slurps up his buddy's thick shaft. Jesse's hips gyrate and thrustforward as he propels his horsedick in and out of his associate'shungry mouth. Then Dominic mounts the leather chair backwards,leaning forward to expose his firm ripe ass for Jesse to rim. The hornyexecutive licks and wets his cohort's twitching manhole with spit,prepping it for a vigorous charge. Now ready for the big payoff, Jessefucks Dominic up the ass in a measured cadence, pumping slow andgently at first, then fast and hard. The men reposition themselves andDominic sits down on Jesse's lap to ride his hot rod. He bounces upand down like a frenzied piston, masturbating hurriedly until he shootsa load. Then resting between Jesse's legs, Dominic opens wide andswallows his partner's blasts of cum shooting into his mouth.

All suited up and horny as hell, Steve Vex and Marc Dylan get thingsmoving fast. Both men are ready for some carnal expenditures so asprimary agent, Steve begins by devouring his partner's big throbbingasset. He soon demands a return on his investment and the mentrade places with Marc deepthroating Steve's cock down to the base.Another turnover ensues and Steve has Marc shivering withexcitement as he blows him some more and eats out his furry ass.Now ready for intensive anal takeover, Steve stretches Marc's cheeksapart and screws him with his power pole. He continues to fuck nonstopas Marc lays his muscled body down, rocking back and forth withevery jab. Marc grabs ahold of his erect dick and jerks himself off untilhe shoots his wad. Steve then pulls out and cums, mixing his spoogewith Marc's hefty deposit and both feel satisfied and completelyliquidated.

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