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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2012-12-14 |
More of a Man

Butch Taylor, Chi Chi LaRue, Chris McKenzie, Joey Stefano, Lon Flexx, Michael Henson, Michael Parks, Rick Donovan

Long out-of-print but now back and looking better than ever (and featuring a phenomenal all-new audio commentary track of the director yapping it up with Chi Chi LaRue), this essential gay porn classic from director Jerry Douglas is an unqualified masterpiece, and was one of our "most requested" titles of all time. Now find out why.
A multi-award winning film from prolific director Jerry Douglas, More of a Man is a must for any serious collector's library. More of a Man is a showcase for Joey Stefano in one of his biggest roles (he won that year's Best Actor award), and it's also easily one of director Jerry Douglas' best achievements ever that still sells to this day.
There's quite a bit of plot development here (not to mention quite a bit of director Chi Chi LaRue firing off dirty one liners and doing his best Liza), but the sex here is nearly beyond reproach, as is the very presence of Mike Henson. Seriously.
Highlights: Glory holes; Sharon Kane in a pivotal and twisted (not to mention quite funny) cameo; romantic groping and rubbing; sleazy goings-on in public bathrooms; one of the best orgies I've ever seen; a tad of the kinky stuff; go-go boy strippers who fuck for a roomful of horndogs; Chi Chi belting out a couple of tunes; tattooing; a gay Pride float sequence to rival anything ever seen or done at the Black Party... and Joey at his sleaziest buttriding best. In short, More of a Man is much more than your average porn.

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