Coat West Collection

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Coat Kuratatsu - BSR Basara - Entire series (15.7 Gbs)
(Coat Kuratatsu - Harem 2007
Coat West - Maniac 1 Spy Cam
Coat West - VIP Very Indecency Party
3012115 - (Coat West clip)
Coat West - Muscle Domination Swimmer
Coat West - Sodom (clip of one scene)
Coat Kuratatsu - DanGet 22 the 3 Dragon Brothers
Coat Kuratatsu - Gacchibi! The final
Coat West - Re Destruction (clip only)
Coat West - Anal Trance
Coat West - Babylon Stage 56
Coat West - Babylon Stage 42
Coat West - Babylon Stage 45
Coat West - Babylon Stage 57
Coat West - Babylon Stage 55
Coat West - Bukkake clip
Coat West - Conception pet 3
Coat West - Extra Legend Taku
Coat West - Fixer 1
Coat West - Grand Slam 9 Seiji Mutoh 2
Coat West - Jump Kenta 1
Coat West - Jump Kenta 2
Coat West - Kuratatsu Scooop 10 Heritage of Hardcore
Coat West - Kuratatsu Scooop the Lotion Wrestling Extract
Coat West - Number 15 High Speed Swimmer
Coat West - Only Shining star Yuto
Coat West - Only Shining star Yuto 2
Coat West - ReD 3
Coat West - ReD 9
Coat West - Rock Bull 5 (Clip of scene 2)
Coat West - SCP5 (a part of the Scooop series)
Coat West - Transcendent Fellatio 10
Coat West - Trap 1
Coat West - Number High Speed Swimmer Collectors Edition
Coat West - New years All-Star large athletic meet
Coat West - SCP1
Coat West - SCP2
Coat West - Surf Patrol Collectors Edition 2

The videos range from softcore, roleplay, rape (fake), bdsm, bukake, etc. They also range between older videos (1990's/2003)
to videos that came out very recently this year. Keep all of that in mind before you download.
As you can see, it's a huge list of videos. I've been collecting them over a few years now.
I decided to share them here not only because I want to share with everyone else, but also because I'd like to preserve them.
Many of the videos are really hard to find and get nowadays. Some are pretty much impossible to get back unless the
uploaders decide to reupload them, which is doubtable as they became unavailable many years ago. Their dvds are expensive as hell and I don't think they even sell the videos anymore lol.

Anyways, I hope you guys enjoy. I know I enjoy a lot of these videos!

A side note: It's a bit difficult for me to find pictures for every single video (50 files) so give me time to upload them
all. For now, see this as a bit of a surprise bag. You don't know what you're going to get until you open it, or in this case,
download it. Or you could just look up the list of videos and see the pictures for yourself. Anyway, have fun.
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