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Franco Video - Hidden Cam - Good Morning Marines - Lockerroom

From Franco Video - this film was part of the $105 million dollar settlement against Franco for selling unauthorized video tapes of college men and Marines on the 'Net several years ago.  The producer of "Straight Off the Mat", "Between the Lockers", "Good Morning Marines" would owe those who appear in the films some major cash after losing a class action lawsuit -- in absentia -- Of course he's never had to pay and the films keep making money on many commercial web sites.



Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Stills From the $105 Million Hidden Camera Scandal (Northwestern University)
The producer of "Straight Off the Mat" and "Between the Lockers", Franco Video, would owe these big-ten wrestlers some major cash after losing a class action lawsuit -- in absentia -- if anybody knew who he really was or where to find him...he didn't leave a forwarding telephone number when he skipped town.

Locker-Room Nudity at Northwestern U & U of Pennsylvania Documented On Camera.

One of my readers recently alerted me to the fact that college wrestlers have been surreptitiously videotaped undressing, showering and weighing in unclothed at meets, including a national tournament at Northwestern University. I found several news reports confirming the story, including reports from the Chicago Tribune and Washington Post. Those familiar with the tapes, including officials at Northwestern and the University of Pennsylvania, believe the footage was shot using cameras concealed inside gym bags, according to the Chicago Tribune.

Reuters News Service ran this headline for their story: "Who Wants to See That?" Obviously, the news service is not aware of the concept of "supply and demand" nor the fact that hidden locker room tapes of both sexes have been produced and sold for a number of years. I happen to own one myself that shows guys in various stages of dress and undress in college locker rooms, the beach bathroom, or even in a Marine Corps locker room!

The tapes were distributed under titles such as "Gym Time," "Straight Off the Mat" and "Between the Lockers." One order form also advertises tapes entitled, "The Football Team" and "Good Morning, Marines." A search of these titles on the Net led me to the actual site where one can pay to view the "tapes" in question. As of press time for this column, however, the site displayed the message: "The College Jocks Hidden Camera photos are no longer available." The webmaster did not return an E-mail request for comment.

Live from the Locker Room


Videotapes taken of college wrestlers undressing and showering have been distributed as pornography on the Internet and by mail order, the Chicago Tribune reports.

The footage was apparently taken by cameras hidden in gym bags that were placed in locker rooms at Northwestern University and the University of Pennsylvania during wrestling meets, the newspaper reported Sunday.

Some of the tapes were turned over to the FBI last year, including footage taken at Northwestern during the 1995 Midlands Wrestling Championships, but law enforcement officials would not indicate to the newspaper whether an investigation was under way or if the case was even prosecutable.

Several wrestlers who found out they were taped told the Tribune they wanted the perpetrators found out and prosecuted.

"I don't want my body out there. It's not for the public's use," Roger Chandler, a former Indiana University wrestler and a wrestling coach at Michigan State University, told the newspaper.

The tapes are distributed under titles such as "Gym Time," "Straight Off the Mat" and "Between the Lockers," and marketed by vaguely identified producers with mailing addresses in San Diego and North Hollywood, California, the report said.

An investigation by the University of Pennsylvania had failed to trace the source of the videotapes, a school official told the Tribune.

The official said that based on conversations with Philadelphia police and the local prosecutor's office, there did not appear to be a statute applicable to the surreptitious taping.

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