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from the site description:

An adorable young guy crossed my path last week and I was so excited by how well we hit it off and how fucking unbelievably cute and hot he was that I had to share him with y'all as soon as i possibly could. Tony Rogers is his name and ladies (and I use that term ever so loosely) and gentlemen if there is one model on this site that epitomizes what Amateur Straight Guys is all about I would have to pick Tony Rogers.

This 19 year old "straight but gotta itch" mother fucker emailed me a week or so ago stating that he was a new arrival in town and that I could forget looking at any other models because he "was it". Cocky aint he? Anyway, I made an appointment with Tony as soon as I could and we filmed right away.

Enjoy the show!

2011-02-21 22:24:54
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