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What can you do when the person that you want more betrays you?

Enrique and David (who calls himself Groucho because of his love for the Marx brother of the same name) have been neighbors in the same apartment building for years - Groucho's family living in the apartment directly above that inhabited by Enrique and his long time partner, Andres - but only know each other in passing. Groucho, still a minor, manages to infiltrate his way into thirty-something Enrique's apartment and hits on him. Regardless of Enrique's feelings or lack of for Groucho, it's not a good time as Enrique is going through some turmoil in his life as witnessed by his need to be in therapy. And that day, he is preparing for Andres' unwanted birthday party. As Groucho's family looks for him, he who has been missing for a couple of days, the truth behind why Groucho hit on Enrique, what Groucho is really feeling and what he should tell or not tell his parents come to light.

Kaveri, A Mate
Pera wants to try something kinky in the bathroom, so he asks his mate to help him. However, Pera’s wife comes home a bit too soon…

It's Only Us
Racial profiling. Heavy drinking. Insufficient hand soap. Just some of the hazards of gay dating in New York City.
Timothy, an upwardly mobile merchandise planner, is on his third date with Adam, a handsome, hipster do-gooder. With a mission to impress and win him over, Timothy takes out all the stops... just a little too much.
"It's Only Us" is both a hopeless and hopeful love letter to being single.

After the Sky Turned Black
A photojournalist, recently blinded in a terrorist attack overseas, picks up a young man from a bar and takes him home. Throughout the course of the night, the secrets of his past are revealed...

It's Not a Cowboy Movie
During recess, four teens discuss seeing Brokeback Mountain on television; how it moved them and how it got them thinking about same-sex relationships.

Remy and John
A young man attempts to show his best friend that he loves him.

Ekki Múkk
The piece portrays tensions between two close teenage boys who are discovering their sexual attraction towards each other; those days when the line between friendship and love is blurry and still confusing and undefined. Jeremy is obsessed with the ducks in the park’s lake and their migration, and Alphonse, a family friend who’s visiting, likes to ride a bike and doesn’t want to leave town. The ducks inevitably leave, but all of them depart towards somewhere new.

Don't Ask, Don't Tell
A short documentary on how, when, and whether parents in the South talk to their children about the topic of homosexuality.
Created in 2008 by Mary Pratt under her maiden name.

Brokeback Delhi
This is a short parody of Brokeback Mountain by Kal Mansoor & Matt Conde that we shot on a sunday afternoon.

Do Tell
After the repeal of "Don't Ask Don't Tell," gay service members stationed on Misawa Airbase, a remote outpost in the far reaches of northern Japan, tell their stories.

Cuanta Mentira
A 50-year-old man who has an affair with a young man, shares with its sister-in-law lies, truths and washing.

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