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MormonBoyz – Elders Foster, Miller & Peterson – Priesthood Retreat [720p]

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DescriptionLost of a missionary’s time is spent alone with his companion, which helps the two boys develop a relationship of unparalleled intimacy.
But when a bunch of missionaries get together it’s always a fun time.
President Wilcox has invited three missionaries — Elders Foster, Miller and Peterson — to join him on a priesthood retreat, where they’ll study the scriptures, talk about their proselyting, and engage in some exercises to build their love and trust.
Elder Foster has already had sex with his companion, Elder Miller, and with Elder Peterson, and with President Wilcox, too. He knows the conditions are right for his first full-fledged orgy, and he’s both excited and nervous.
When he thinks about all that he has learned about brotherhood, obedience, and sex with men in the short time he has been a missionary, he’s so happy that he chose to serve a mission.
The three boys travel to President Wilcox’s house together. The bus is packed, so they have to stand very close to one another, and all three of them get erections from the close contacting and from fantasizing about all of the sex they imagine is in store for them.
When the bus reaches their stop, the three boys awkwardly adjust their boners in their pants and try to exit the bus without anyone noticing how hard they are.
President Wilcox greets them at the door with a big smile and they get right to work. Elder Foster’s mind is full of images of the other guys naked, but he tries to concentrate as they talk about the people they’re teaching and how their work with local members is going.
Every second he has to wait to taste the others’ dicks feels like torture to the poor Mormon boy, but he knows he has to wait for President Wilcox to decide that it’s time for them to have sex.
After they have discussed missionary matters for what seems like forever, President Wilcox finally concludes the meeting with a prayer.
“Now that that’s over, let’s get out of our suits.”
It’s not uncommon for Mormon missionaries to hang out together in their secret undergarments in the privacy of their apartments. In a moment, the boys have put their suits away and are stripped down to their underwear. And President Wilcox takes his suit off, too.
The sight of their muscular bodies through the sheer Mormon underwear gets Elder Foster horny all over again, but he resists the temptation to drop to his knees and start sucking them then and there.
“You guys want to hear me play the piano?” President Wilcox asks.
The boys follow him to the piano, which happens to be in a bedroom. The three boys lie down on the bed together, and as President Wilcox begins to plays they grope each other through their underwear.
Elder Foster is happy to discover that he’s not the only one with an erection.
When President Wilcox turns and sees the squirming pile of hot young boy flesh, he immediately joins them.
He knows that Elder Foster is versatile, and what he wants today is to watch Foster fuck one missionary while he plows the other one. And from the hungry look on the boy’s face, he knows he’ll be happy to do it.
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