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part one

Tiago Gonzales is hanging out in the building entrance when Franky Malory enters smoking a cigarette and asks to bum one. Tiago comments on Frank's AirMax and then invites Frank up to his apartment. These two didn't wait to get to the apartment and start kissing in the elevator on the way up. Once inside, they waste no time indulging in their sneaker fetish and cocks start getting hard. Tiago is first to bare his hard cock. Between Frank sucking and Tiago fucking the sneaker and sniffing socks, this "chance meating" is off to a great start. They trade off sucking each other, the sneakers and even go 69. You won't want to miss part two with these guys

part two

Picking back up with Franky Malory and Tiago Gonzales, Tiago is on the couch, legs up and getting reemed and "thumb fucked" while sniffing a sneaker and tugging at his dick. Franky slips on a condom and has Tiago "spread eagle."

The cameraman is quick to get right into the action up close for us. Nice ass Franky! They fuck missionary then do a complete switch out. Now it's Franky doggy style on the sofa with Tiago pounding his ass. The action breaks with Tiago on his knees jerking off iwth the condom still on while Franky kicks back on the sofa with Tiago worshiping his socked feet. After more foot worship and "toe jerking" it's back to pounding Franky's sweet hole.

The action switches back and forth between Tiago fucking Franky's ass and his feet until they're ready to put the "finishing touches" on this scene. They both lay back on the sofa worshiping each others socked feet and sneakers while they jerk. Franky is first to put a new shine on the sneaker followed by Tiago rubbing a creamy cleaning solution into his sneaker.
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