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♺ Brutaltops - Session 222 - master Derek

This torrent was taken down due to a DMCA request
Original upload: 2015-05-16 |
Description from the site: Vicious sadist Derek continues his treatment of squirming worm elliott by gobbing in his face and making him lick up the spittle. Both of these hot guys are completely naked. Derek menaces his sub and quickly bends him over and rams his dick deep up his arsehole. The squirming, defeated guy is powerless to prevent the Master from doing as he will with him. The sub groans as the Top pumps in and out of his loose, stinking hole.

Flipped over onto his back with his legs in the air, elliott suffers more and more as the merciless Master fucks him until he eventually cannot hold back his cum. He spurts jizz all over the face of the bewildered, embarrassed sub and, grinning manically, the Master smears his spunk into the sub's mouth and makes him swallow the thick, sticky liquid.