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DescriptionOTH - Ace and Marco
For this week’s update we bring back one of our furry favorites, Marco, and monster cock stud, Ace. This was the first time that either of these guys had ever been filmed having sex: fortunately for these first timers we had sex expert Drew Cutler on set to help capture and hop in on the hot action. Marco in true bear form is a really aggressive in the sack, whether he’s choking down a huge dick or pummeling some tight manhole. And Ace definitely proves his manslut skills between getting face-fucked by Drew’s hog and Marco’s throbbing bear meat. Any man who gets off on watching a bottom with a huge cock get fucked will not be disappointed.

OTH - Damien and Marco
This week’s update stars 2 more brand new models pulled from the pages of Manhunt. First we have Damien, a personal trainer from New England with rock hard abs and a killer ass and Marco, a Latin burly stud with a furry chest and a big uncut dick. Both of these dudes are in their 30’s and they both love to show off. These guys hit it off from the minute they met and Damien took us aside to tell us he just couldn’t wait to have Marco’s big dick up his ass so we got the cameras rolling and filmed as these 2 got it on. This episode also marks the OnTheHunt directorial debut of pornstar Drew Cutler. You may remember Drew from some other OnTheHunt episodes as a performer but this is the first time he has directed for us and true to form he gets in on the action as well!

OTH - Damien and Marco BTS
It seems that during our most recent On the Hunt shoot, we had no shortage of big, muscular guys to pair up in all kinds of different combinations! Drew Cutler sure had his hands full, but we think he had just as much behind the camera as the models did in front of it. Seems his cock was everywhere, especially in just about every scene he shot for us, as you'll see in this week's behind-the-scenes bonus episode. He mostly left Damien and Marco to their own devices, but Drew couldn't help offering his cock up to Marco to keep him busy between takes. Even our b-roll cameraman got a little attention from Marco! The sexual energy was high, and the shoot was another success, but Drew wasn't quite finished yet! Be sure to look for more of his behind the scenes episodes.

OTH - Marco
We like to think we have something to offer everyone here at On the Hunt, so we tried to get a wide range of guys for our latest shoot. Marco is a big, beefy Latino muscle bear from Providence who charmed us with his warm smile and sexy hairy body. We talked a little with Marco before his solo and he revealed that he has a weakness for big dudes like himself. However, he said it's hard to find the guys who really turn him on... those who are bigger than himself! It's hard to believe it's possible seeing how Marco is 230 pounds of man muscle himself. We had him imagine that a hot muscle bear was watching him pleasure himself, and he put on quite a show, feeling himself up and stroking his rock hard cock for our camera. He even let us give him a helping hand before shooting a hot load all over his furry belly. Will Marco find his dream man? Watch and find out!

OTH - Marco and Roman
It’s hard to believe that it’s has been a year since Roman walked into our office, dropped his pants, and bent over for his audition. (Well, truthfully he leaned against my boss’ desk and poked his ass out at us and then sheepishly got up and gave us a frontal view while stretching his cock out to full length for our viewing pleasure). But it has in fact been a year, and quite a year it has been. Roman did very well with OnTheHunt and soon other sites started to feature his hot ass and effortless muscles as well. But we still maintain he was our discovery and that we had first crack at his, well, crack. (And that we did, in a very hot scene where Jeremy Hall took his ass virginity and ever-polite Roman thanked him at the end with a gentlemanly handshake!) Anyway, I digress… When we decided to shoot in Boston again we knew we wanted to try to get Roman back and so we encouraged him to drop by and to show us what he learned since his last visit to our place. We paired him up with a big, hot, uncut Latin stud, Marco, and we asked Roman to bottom for this dude’s great cock. Roman needed to do some hole stretching to accommodate Marco’s fat cock and thank god he did, because Marco went to town on Roman’s bubble-butt. After some very hot fucking Marco saw how much Roman was digging having a cock up his ass and he quickly bent over so that Roman could stick his cock up Marco’s hairy ass! A very hot flip-flop scene is what we ended up with when we invited Roman back, and we’re just thrilled and proud as a newborn’s parents with the results!

OTH - Marco and Roman BTS
Fans of meaty, muscular men won't want to miss out on this week's bonus episode featuring buff young Roman with big muscle bear Marco. In this behind the scenes footage, you can almost hear thunder as the two titans clash their thick bodies as they top and bottom for one another. As always, Roman is as accommodating and polite as ever, even as he struggles to keep his arms around Marco as he fucks him. Seems their gym built bodies are too big even for them to handle! As they try out different positions, Rafael Alencar does his best to keep them hot and horny with a little dirty talk. He tempts Marco with his huge Latin cock but Marco seems doubtful he can take it. But it'll be a long weekend, who knows who'll end up bottoming for who?

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