Who's Yo Daddy 1 & 2

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DescriptionWho's Yo Daddy 1
Starring: King Dingo, N Tycin, Phat Daddy, Sean Gold and Trappboy.

Phat Daddy, 22, is ready to do battle with his real life bro King Dingo, 24. Both awesome tops have impressive dicks measuring more than 10+ inches on the thug porn rod ruler. Will a two-year difference in age effect the skill and outcome of the dueling dicks?
Phat Daddy picks N Tycin for the first battle of the Super Tops. Tycin eyes Daddy’s 10+ inches with wide eyes before swallowing the entire shaft. Daddy’s big dick immediately rises to the occasion feeding Tycin’s azz inch after inch of rock hard cock. Now it’s the King’s turn to take Tycin down for the count. Can Dingo out dick Phat Daddy?
Next up is hot young thug Sean Gold. This seductive black bottom gets a double hosing from the Blatino Brothers – Phat Daddy and King Dingo – in two scenes that will have you matching the action stroke for stroke as each brother tries to outdo the other.
Trappboy soaps up his butt and offers it to Phat Daddy in the shower, then the thug goes butt up, head down, in the bedroom where he asks King Dingo if he’s gonna fuck him as good – or better than – his brother Phat Daddy just did?
Which brother winds up the Daddy of the Year? You pick the winner and let us know!

Who's Yo Daddy 2
Brooklyn, King Dingo, Phat Daddy, Seduction and Twern.

King Dingo knows how to strut his stuff. He’s got the longer cock. But Phat Daddy’s no amateur in the fucking department and he’s got the fatter cock. Both have monumental Weapons of Ass Destruction! This is one contest that’s gonna be damned hard to predict.
Phat Daddy explains to Seduction, “This contest ain’t no American Idol! You’re gonna vote for me, right?” Of course Seduction agrees, then gives Phat Daddy’s fat cock a spit shine that brings the impressive dick to full glory. Once at full mast, Daddy throws the bottom boi on his back and feeds him every stiff inch. The close up shots from underneath reveal Daddy’s big furry balls, huge cock and Seduction’s asshole sucking up the entire shaft. Next, Daddy flips the bottom over so he can bang him out doggie-style. Again the close up shots put you right in the heart of the action! After a thorough fucking, Daddy sprays Seduction’s face with a load of hot jizz, asking him again, “Who’s Yo Daddy?” Seduction replies, “You are Phat Daddy.”
It’s the next day and it’s King Dingo’s turn at bat. As the King stuffs Seduction’s mouth full of 10+ inches of pure thug cock, he urges the bottom to tell him, “Who’s Yo Daddy?” And when Seduction cries, “I don’t know,” King tells him to, “Keep on sucking till you find out!” Flipping his bottom boi onto the bed, Dingo mounts him doggie style and stuffs his tender poop chute to the max, causing Seduction to finally admit, “King Dingo. You’re my daddy!”
King Dingo and Brooklyn hit it next. Brooklyn admits he has no idea of who’s going to win until both brothers have fucked him. Bending to the task, he sucks Dingo’s 10+ inches hard, and then kneels to worship his cock and balls even more! Dingo has a huge cock and Brooklyn struggles to take it all down his throat. It’s time for the real deal. Brooklyn slowly lowers himself in a sitting position onto Dingo’s dick and the expression of pain/pleasure on his face is very, very real.
Director Jalin Fuentes questions Brooklyn before Phat Daddy takes his turn. “On a scale of 1 to 10, how do you rate King Dingo?” Brooklyn replies, “10!” Oops, director Jalin Fuentes says, “Daddy you better step up your game and get an 11.” Using his big lips to good advantage, Brooklyn lavishes some oral attention on Daddy’s dick, and from the sucking sounds he makes it sure seems like he’s having a wonderful time! Taking Brooklyn from behind, Daddy reams him out, slaps his ass and keeps on asking him, “Who’s Yo Daddy?” As the action heats up, Daddy puts his boi on his back for even deeper penetration, finally erupting all over his face with huge spurts of spunk.
OK, it’s time for the ass-splitting grand finale. Both brothers are in the same room, in the same bed, about to share Twern in the last round of the contest. Twern is touted as the super star bottom who’s going to break the tie vote. Jalin Fuentes tells Twern, “Make a dick disappear!” Twern bends to the job, taking King’s cock in his mouth first, then moves to Daddy’s fat cock. It’s an equal opportunity blowjob! Especially awesome is watching Twern stuff both huge pricks into his mouth at once.
We’d love to tell you who wins and what happens next but if we did, we’d have to kill you. So buy the DVD and find out for yourself! You’ll also enjoy the bonus feature of outrageous outtakes, which are totally hilarious! We promise the ending will surprise you and it’s all real, not staged!

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