♺ DirtyTony - Krys Perez & Adam Slater

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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2011-07-22 |
Studio: Dirty Tony
Title: Krys Perez Fucks Adam Slater
Starring: Krys Perez & Adam Slater
Date of Production: 07/2011

About this video:

Wow, is all I can say about these two hotties with electric chemistry that scorched everything in the studio today. Endlessly smooth and cool Krys Perez is here to get to know fair-skinned blonde twink Adam Slater, inside and out and they seriously hit the nail exactly on the head.

I have them play that childhood game where you trace letters on your partner’s back and they guess the word, only these words are worthy of the Dirty Tony reputation. Adam keeps guessing what Krys is tracing after only a few letters, and racks up the points while Krys seems to get stuck with harder words, though he’ll be the one sticking to Adam shortly. The two keep pausing between rounds to kiss and pull the other close making contact with their shirtless twinky bodies. Finally the tension has become too thick as Krys yanks down Adam’s jeans and begins sucking on his pulsating hardon. Adam, eager to return the favor helps Krys out of his pants as well and sucks his cock deep into the silky vice of his throat. This can only go on for so long before Krys is about to blow his load, so he turns the tables again and pushes Adam’s legs back exposing his perfect pink rose-bud.

Krys slowly tongue-fucks his tight sweet hole and takes time dropping spit into it and plugging his rectum with gentle thrusts of his index and then middle fingers. Adam’s eyes roll back in his head as his boy pussy gets ravenously munched like it’s the subject of a county fair eating contest. Finally it’s time to take the plunge. Krys continues in his sexy swagger to slowly guide his lubed up cock into Adam’s constrictive love canal. Increasing the tempo of his hip’s rhythm Krys steadily builds and builds until Adam is screaming with each connection his rock hard dick makes with his swollen sensitive prostate deep inside him.

Eventually the pounding is too much to bare and Adam’s junk explodes towards his face coating his stomach and chest with white salty goop. Krys, so turned on by the clamping of Adam’s anal ring around his veiny cock while cumming, leans over and laps up the mess of baby batter and begins making out with Adam as they pass the jism back and forth with their tongues. Next Krys pulls out and jerks his thick load all over Adam’s face continuing in the tradition he just started by embracing his body and passionately kissing Adam with both of their loads mingling on the tongue.

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