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Description 1 - Pornstar fed fresh spooge by horse-hung guy : First up is porn legend Chris McKenzie. You guys can't seem to get enough of this cocksucking master, so I paired him up with a horse-hung 19-year-old redheaded Irish tough, Mickey (an honest 9 x 6). Mickey has a huge cock, a nasty and aggressive attitude, and can't wait to pump his load down Chris's throat - at one point he grunts to Chris "Your motherfuckin' mouth is so fuckin' hot, bro ...". Chris gets lost in the thick cock, the kid's lowhangers. ( "You should be wearing a ballstretcher, man".) And when the redhead teenager shoots his load, Chris sucks it down and licks what he missed off the kid's hand. Can't blame him ...

2- Famous Surfer feeds his cum to legendary San Francisco cocksucker : All-American cocksucker Erich Lange returns to porn to suck one of the most beautiful cocks I've seen in a long time. The owner of the big uncut wiener (easily 9 x 6-and so heavy that even when it's hard it hangs down) prefers to fuck women, but that doesn't keep him from getting off on letting guys worship and suck his long fattie ( he's a well-known California Surfer -featured in a recent Surfer magazine- so he asked that his face not be shown). Erich displays the amazing deep-throat ability that made him famous. And when the surfer moans about how good Erich is doing, Erich says "I can't wait till you give me a little more ...". Meaning, of course, that he's hungry for a thick load of surfer-juice. Erich isn't disappointed and swallows down every drop of the surfer's salty cum.

At the beginning of "FEED ME", Erich Lange talks about how much he loves sucking cock. "What is it about cock - Why do you love it so much ?" I ask him. "Cock is the center of the world," he answers. "Cock is what everybody wants ... what everybody needs."

3- Young man fed hot sperm by grinning blond guy : I love to satisfy a young man's fantasy. Ever since he saw Mark in one of my earlier videos, Tom Tuesday ( yeah, that's his porn name) has wanted to chow down on Mark's beautiful choda. And I can't blame him. Mark's cock is amazing: fat, perfectly formed and huge, measuring in at a daunting 10 x 6. And if you've seen any of the videos I've featured him in (especially SWALLOW ... MORE ) you know that this handsome young man's beautiful cock has a hypnotic effect on the men who kneel before it. And Tom was no exception.

When I shot this scene, I left Mark and Tom alone in the room for half an hour to let them "get to know each other". When I came back, they never really noticed me again. Mark loves to be worshiped-you'll see it in his smile. He knows what he has and he knows what it does to other men. And Tom ... well, Tom's in heaven. This duo scene shows what state a cocksucker gets into when he's allowed free reign to suck and lick and swallow a truly perfect cock. And when Mark feeds Tom his hot load ... well, it's bliss for both of them.

4 - There's much more in "FEED ME" : Erich Lange sucks off the handsome muscled Chris Barns, again showing that sucking cock ain't complete until you taste your creamy thick reward. I've also included a brief but scorching set-up with Treasure Island's Jeremy sucking off Florida hottie Nate Summers (and this includes a bit of rimming - is it possible to have a scene with Jeremy and not have his tongue find a tasty butthole - ). And there's more . . .

If you're a cocksucker and like the way a man and his sperm tastes, or if you're a man who loves to get sucked off royally, you're gonna get off on "FEED ME". It's a full 90 minutes of oral service and gratification, and I can guarantee that you'll see yourself in these men and in these scenes.

Starring Chris McKenzie, Mickey, Erich Lange, Tom Tuesday, Mark, Chris Barnes, Jeremy and Nate Summers.

Directed by Paul Morris.
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