[Coat West] Sky 2 (re-upload better quality)

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DescriptionThis is a pretty intesesting GJV.

Ill try to explain this to the best of my unserstanding.
I think whats happening is that Shun and Kai had broken up and, in the start of this film,  gotten back together. In the first scene they are taking , playing games, and having fun with Tsubasa.  Later, after tsubasa falls asleep they screw around together with him in the room before waking him to join in.

In the next scene Kai and a guy whos name I don’t know, but recognize from the “"Romance”" series, are having a conversation and it seems clear that Kai is breaking up with him as he starts to cry. Kai invites him inside and the guy pushes him to having sex with him. The face Kia makes after their done and he realizes what he did is priceless! LMAO!

In the Next scene it seems to be the same story but with Yuta and Shun. Yuta clearly has no issue seducing Shun into sex and I think he is also suppose to be shuns ex. Either that or just someone shun was screwing with.

Last Scene Is Shun and Kai together after some awkward silence and talk.  Ill post the “"Official”" explanation from the CK website below. I translated it with about 4 diff translators and this is the easiest to understand. Regardless of whether or no you understand the story all the sex is great. I love shun and yuta so seeing them together made me very, very happy! (Also all the pictures are in the order they happened in the film.)


Three years ago, Shun that disappeared from the front of a sudden paddle. The instantaneous came back to the original paddle without warning.
2 people watch, each of which again begins to move in the wake of feelings ... reunion who was locked up in the back of the chest ...
Wing to guest model, bright, and celebrated the Yuta in the die break at JUMP, to shake the indecisive two heart !!
Is it two people can get back safely the time you have lost!? The whereabouts of love of SKY!?

① now! And instantaneous that appeared suddenly. The puzzled friend wing also joined the paddle, the rush to 3P without being able to put up!

② paddle to bid farewell to the bright to the reunion of the instantaneous. Paddle in bright it would cry in shock!?

③ Shun also go to see Yuta as gonna settle in the past in the reunion of the paddle. But again overpowered in Yuta ... !?

④ after a long time of two people alone with time. As if to fill a blank time, instantaneous and paddle each other sought vigorously each other ...

⑤ popular off shot also included !! two of SKY to shooting inside story from the attractions of "SKY2" is Admit talk !!

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